Grant Thornton: More Efficient and Diverse Hiring

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Richard Waite- My name is Richard Waite, I'm the head of resourcing at Grant Thornton in the UK. We are a professional services and accountancy organization working across audit tax and advisory, for about 5,000 people working for us across the UK, part of a global network with a presence in around 120 countries. Our business is ultimately driven by getting the best talent into the organization. They want the best new trainees in their team. So Hire Vue forms part of a broader strategy. So it's one of the really fundamental pieces of the recruiting puzzle, that's led to some really impressive results for us actually. So we've been able to be much more efficient in terms of the way that we recruit. We're able to scale up and meet enhanced business demand when it came for our trainees in particular, at Grant Thornton, we were able to drive around 250,000 pounds worth of cost per hire savings, within the space of a year, as a result of using other, Hire Vue view, and other pieces of technology across the candidate journey. And what we've also been able to do, is just be much more efficient and respectful in the way that we use interviewer and assessor time. So last year, we saved around $1,000 worth of interviewer and assessor time. And if you look at things like, charge out rates, and utilization rates, and recovery rates, what that equals is a couple of hundred thousand pounds worth of actual savings to our business, as a result of redesigning our candidate journey, and implementing tools like Hire Vue. I think one of the things that we were always wary of, was introducing something like video technology, where we were relying upon candidates to have an iPhone, or an iPod, or a webcam, was that actually would this adversely impact those from a diverse background, especially those from less socially advantaged backgrounds. And one of the really great, I guess, surprises that we found, is that it hasn't. So we've continued to drive great levels of diversity through our hiring practices. And using technology like Hire Vue, hasn't set us back in a way that maybe some people thought it might. If I think of the three biggest trends that are impacting my role right now, at Grant Thornton, so it's a continued and increased focus on diversity and inclusion. We know that we will strengthen our organization if we can drive more diverse talent into all parts of the firm. And it's something that myself and the team are driving, on a day to day basis, through new initiatives, new partnerships, and work that we're doing with our people internally. Continued thinking around how we can leverage technology to make our lives simpler, and actually cut out some of the things that are draining our time, so that we can reinvest that in other parts of the candidate and stakeholder journey. And finally, a huge priority that we're beginning to think about, is how we can influence the gig economy, and how we can leverage that talent pool for an organization like Grant Thornton. And actually how we can use some of the things that we've learned in the recruiting practices, for the permanent employees and apply it to this different pool of talent, to make sure that we're making robust hiring decisions in what's a very different type of market.

Grant Thornton saved 1,000 hours in interview and assessor time, reduced spend, and improved efficiency — all while improving its diversity hire ratio.