Hirevue Services

HireVue offers a range of services to guide you from implementation, to adoption, to long-term success. Each of our services is designed to uniquely help you derive the most value from your investment.

  • Professional Services

    Leverage industry experts to transform your hiring

  • Customer Success

    Build long-term value with ongoing partnerships

  • Customer Support

    24/7 support on the HireVue platform

  • IO

    Craft valid assessments with scientific rigor

Accelerate Your Hiring Process Transformation

Our enterprise-ready Professional Services team works with you to kick-start change management with specific strategies and full platform customization based on your business objectives.

Create Long-Term Value

HireVue’s Customer Service team helps establish measurable goals and long-term adoption, so you achieve the greatest return on your investment. Your dedicated account manager checks in frequently with regular account reviews to propel long-term success.

24×7 Support for You and Your Candidates

HireVue’s Customer Support is available 24×7 via chat, email, and phone in any language. Our self-service and live support is accessible and convenient for candidates, recruiters, and anyone else who uses the HireVue platform.

Industry-Leading Assessments Services

Led by Dr.Nathan Mondragon, our Industrial-Organizational Psychology team works with you to develop assessments that identify the highest-quality candidates for your organization. They can work alone or with your existing IO resources to drive long-term, trackable business results.

Implementation and
Service Partners

HireVue is passionate about our customers’ success. As a result we’ve partnered with the best in the industry to provide our global customers with the consultation and implementation services required to meet their unique needs.

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