Do more with less. The new relationship between hiring teams and technology

November 2nd, 2021
HireVue Team
Candidate Experience,
Recruiting Teams

While many organizations have been attempting to modernize their hiring experience for years, the pandemic accelerated the need for one that’s more efficient, too.

With lean hiring teams and tight budgets, employers across the globe have had to quickly get creative. And for hiring leaders, these rapid adjustments were a sure sign that traditional practices would never return to “normal.”

Today, as employees are turning in resignation letters for opportunities they deem better, it has become increasingly clear that hiring leaders who prioritize candidate experience are the same ones with a competitive recruiting edge. How are they doing it? By leveraging technology to engage candidates on platforms and digital spaces where they’re already spending time.

Speed up candidate experience

With the average time to fill a position traditionally sitting at 42 days, it’s no wonder modern candidates don’t have the patience to hang on. And with so many other options at their fingertips, job seekers are unafraid to abandon such a drawn-out hiring process.

More than half of hiring conversations now happen online, and outside of regular business hours. So for employers, it’s critical to create a self-guided, personalized experience that gives candidates the ability to move through the process as quickly as they’d like.

To make sure you’re a step ahead of your competition, engage your talent faster. With technology like HireVue’s Hiring Assistant, candidates can prescreen for the role, schedule an interview, and interact in real time — and on their own time.

Cut out unnecessary steps

With 60% of candidates quitting job applications due to their length and complexity, it’s imperative that unnecessary steps are eliminated. Especially for Gen Z, the largest segment currently entering the workforce, the ability to communicate asynchronously via chat, text, and on-demand interviews is paramount.

But hiring technology benefits more than just the candidate. It also reduces tedious tasks from recruiters’ to-do-lists, giving them the freedom to move the best talent forward and enjoy their own work experience more.

With fewer steps in your hiring process, you’ll remove bottlenecks and time-consuming tasks while keeping candidates continually engaged, from start to finish. Hiring software like HireVue OnDemand gives you the upper hand by automating a 20-minute candidate experience so you can focus on efficient recruitment that boosts productivity.

Attract values-aligned candidates with a fair hiring process

With diversity and inclusion top of mind, many candidates envision working for a company that demonstrates fairness and equality in everything they do. And there’s nothing that screams “bias” more than a hiring process that’s not based on candidates’ job-relevant skills.

But by automating your hiring workflow from the start, you can eliminate ad hoc and biased hiring processes while expanding your reach to find a more diverse group of people.

Evaluating candidates based on hard skills (such as knowledge and skills) plus soft skills (such as critical thinking and dependability) adds another level of value to the screening process and helps recruiters quickly and efficiently align the right people with the right role.

With a tool like HireVue Builder that’s focused on job-relevant competencies, recruiters have the tools they need to fairly evaluate and interview candidates by removing biased opinions and instead focusing on skills, knowledge, and abilities. This, in turn, gives candidates an equal opportunity to demonstrate their job-based competencies, without worrying about unfair judgments.

Revolutionize who and how you hire with better hiring technology

As we enter a new phase of work life, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the hiring teams who pivot to tech-driven hiring solutions are, in the end, the ones who will make it more human.

Our end-to-end hiring solutions offer candidates a cohesive, engaging experience, while giving recruiters more time to focus on hiring the people who will add value to their business. Want to learn how to maximize business productivity and value? Download The Recruiter’s Guide to Hiring when Hiring is Hard.