Open letter to customers and partners from HireVue’s new Chief People Officer

March 9th, 2023
Natalie Dopp, Chief People Officer

Hi there,

I’ve been in my role as HireVue’s Chief People Officer for close to 90 days now, and in that time it has become clear just how special this HR tech community is. I am so excited to collaborate with, and learn from, our amazing network of customers, candidates, partners and employees.

In the spirit of contributing to the community, I want to outline some key components of my vision for HireVue’s people initiatives in the coming year, specifically our projects around employee experience, diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging, as well as creating a pay-for-performance culture.

We’re a SaaS company navigating the same market you are, and we’re using the same solutions to fill roles. If we haven’t met before, consider this our first introduction, and I look forward to connecting with you this year in meetings, on LinkedIn, and at industry events.

Creating a thoughtful employee experience

Making HireVue a great place to work was a top strategic priority for our CEO when he took over in January 2022, and I’m delighted that he’s entrusting me and my team for the next phase of this important work.

My first project with the team has been to map out our employee journey, including a detailed description of how we want a person to feel during each stage of the process. The employee experience must be integrated from first impressions to career transitions (whether inside or outside of your company).

An outcome from this process is an exciting addition in the ‘rewards and recognition’ category. Last month we introduced our Game Changer Awards at our company’s global kickoff. What was previously an awards program for our sales and customer success teams has been transformed to honor exceptional performers from every department. Everyone’s work and dedication impacts HireVue results and this company wide program takes everyone into account.

Prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

In our 2023 global hiring survey the number one challenge facing employers for the third year in a row is finding qualified candidates. This problem is a macro one in every sense of the word, and solving it requires thinking bigger and bolder than ever before.

There is a direct correlation to prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) and overcoming talent shortages. In addition to being the ethical choice, improving DEI&B is also the key to tapping into new talent pools, retaining diverse folks when they get in the door, and creating innovative environments.

One of my top priorities is more clearly defining and embedding our DEI goals into everything we do as a company. Some of the steps we’re taking this year include restructuring and further empowering our DEI Council, launching affinity groups to foster inclusion amongst our global teams, and operationalizing DEI initiatives in all aspects of the employee experience .

We have work to do when it comes to increasing representation at the leadership level, and are committed to focusing on this in 2023.

Creating a pay-for-performance culture built on values and connection

We are creating a culture where top performance is celebrated and rewarded through a combination of:

  • Ongoing and collaborative conversations
  • Clarity and alignment on goals
  • Proactive support and coaching
  • Meaningful conversations and reviews

The “secret sauce” to a program like this is two fold: ensuring that our company values are at the heart of all achievements, and fostering ongoing communication between employees and their leaders. While we want to move fast, think big, and give meaningful rewards, performance at all costs is not who we are.

These are just a few of my team’s strategic priorities, and if you’re reading this, I am so excited to hear what you think and learn more about the projects you’re leading in 2023. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly on LinkedIn if you have any thoughts about what I've outlined above, or have questions on how we’re utilizing HireVue at home for our talent strategy.

All the best,

Natalie Dopp, Chief People Officer