Welcome to T2O: The most comprehensive TA platform

February 21st, 2024
The HireVue Team

Human Potential Intelligence has revolutionized the aged practices of hiring—practices that were designed to make hiring a “checklist” instead of a process that can unlock the potential of candidates.

With expanded solutions to measure potential, best-in-class AI, and scaled science, we’re living the future of hiring—this is T2O. 

Talent 2 Opportunity (T2O) is HireVue’s new platform, making it the most comprehensive TA platform on the market today. Our combined platform offers tremendous capability to tangibly connect talent to opportunity. Below are some of the benefits you can expect from T2O.

  • Conversational AI for job matching and automation
  • An assessment for virtually every role, including audio-only assessments
  • Teams and Zoom integrations
  • End-to-end automation to better candidate and recruiter experiences 

Enhanced candidate experience 

T2O is an end-to-end hiring platform that offers excellent experiences that keep candidates excited and involved, improve application completion, and contribute to your brand loyalty. T2O also offers enhanced look and usability of OnDemand video interviews. 

And with WhatsApp integration, T2O improves global candidate engagement and interview completion. 

HireVue is built to empower candidates at the very start of their hiring journey. Many candidates don’t always know exactly what type of role they’re looking for, so incorporating an intuitive chatbot helps them navigate the process effectively is critical in your tech stack. HireVue has advanced job matching to help candidates search for a position of interest or upload their resume and get presented with multiple roles that match their skill set.

Intelligent automation and analytics

We offer a 24/7 pipeline that provides candidates with immediate responses, shortens hiring time, and reduces TA staff tasks so they can focus on the human touch of hiring—because automation shouldn’t make hiring impersonal. 

With T2O scheduling, dynamic interviewer and location saves recruiters significant time managing position templates and enables them to continue working in their ATS. 

Plus, teams receive insights faster with improved tooling via saved filters and scheduled reports. And for our federal teams still using HV4, the auto-assigned evaluator saves recruiters significant time by auto-populating evaluator information from the ATS.

Identifying Potential

There’s a reason we named the platform Talent 2 Opportunity—because at HireVue, we exist to connect talent to opportunity by unlocking potential. T2O matches candidates to the opportunity where they can be personally successful and deliver the most value to your company. 

HireVue solutions are designed to measure the skills and competencies for specific roles, so candidates are not only evaluated more fairly but can feel empowered to showcase their capabilities. 

The Virtual Job Tryout® helps take the guesswork out of smart hiring. It’s designed for a specific job and can be customized with a realistic job preview to help candidates further understand the position. The Virtual Job Tryout® goes beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment by providing innovative candidate exercises that simulate the job and offer evidence of how the candidate will perform against competencies proven to be crucial to on-the-job success.

In addition, code challenges in T2O can be demoed now for prospects and customers.

Enterprise Strength 

T2O offers robust performance and the global standards you trust for data security and accessibility—with the configuration tools and reporting you need. T2O customers and candidates will be presented with a platform that is HireVue branded.

New to HireVue and ready to see what T2O can do for you? Request a demo today.