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Let Recruiters Focus on Candidates Instead of Calendars

HireVue Coordinate automates the interview scheduling process. HireVue interview scheduling software is built specifically to simplify the candidate screening and interviewing process. Eliminating manual steps and back-and-forth phone and email tag with hiring managers because candidates self-schedule. So recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates save time. And recruiters can focus on candidates instead of calendars and deliver a better candidate experience.

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Automated Interview Scheduling

Automate the complexity out of coordinating interview schedules and shorten your time to hire with HireVue Coordinate. Automatically invite a candidate to the next step of the hiring process — whether that’s a phone interview; on-site, live video, panel, or OnDemand video interview; pre-employment testing, or orientation. Control the hiring process with rules for each position as needed.

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Candidates get a branded invitation and are empowered to easily self-schedule interviews. They can also easily reschedule. Candidates also receive email reminders and can opt-in to get text reminders before their interviews. All of these benefits dramatically reduce no shows.

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Hiring Event Scheduling

Use HireVue Coordinate to automate interview scheduling for hiring fairs, hire days, and other hiring events. Simply send an invitation and let candidates self-schedule. Calendar slots are managed automatically and in real-time to save everyone time. Companies that use Coordinate can cut days off of the process.

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Seamless Calendar Integration

HireVue Coordinate is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Calendar. It works with any calendar that supports the .ics universal calendar format, which is used by calendar apps, such as iCloud calendar. Integration lets candidates and recruiters automatically schedule interviews and see hiring manager availability in real-time.

Automate More than Screening and Interviewing

Coordinate lets you automate scheduling for more than candidate screening and interviewing. Companies use it to automate assessment center scheduling, pre-employment drug screens, and employee orientations.

Coordinate also automates sending candidates instructions, attachments, driving directions, and security information along with their invitation. There’s no need to repeatedly retype information or reattach files to emails.

Set Rules for Your Hiring Cycle

Coordinate automates scheduling but leaves recruiters in control. Recruiters set rules for how many days candidates have to respond to an invitation, how many days candidates have to complete a step, specific times of day or days that interviews can be held, and how many times a candidate can reschedule an interview or screen. Rules can be set once or modified — even at the position level — as needed.

Create a Branded Customer Experience

All email communications and invitation landing pages used with Coordinate are branded with your company logo. You effortlessly deliver a consistent, branded candidate experience with each touchpoint.

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Works Seamlessly with Your Recruiting Process

HireVue Coordinate can be used alone or in combination with HireVue video interviews. When used with video interviewing, recruiters simply review candidates’ completed video interviews, and then automatically invite the candidate to move on to the next step of the process, such as a live or on-site interview.

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