SUCCESSFUL CAMPUS RECRUITING STRATEGIESSome of the best and brightest college students and future leaders of your company don’t have a resume that most recruiters would take a second look at. So how do you recognize and recruit the students that may not look like much on paper and probably won’t have time to visit your Job Fair booth when you visit their campus? The first step, also mentioned in an Inc video by HireVue’s Founder and CEO Mark Newman, is to go where they are. Then what? Here are 5 ways you can “go” Gen Y once you are playing in the same ball park: 1. Go Digital – Digital Interviews allow you to quickly download and evaluate information from dozens of future team members in a relatively short period of time. Digital Interviews make the interview process 10x faster than other traditional methods. Students are used to communicating via video in their personal lives and in the last several years for school work through lectures and student/professor interaction. So why not reach them with the same methodology via video? You will be speaking the language of the “YouTube/FaceTime/Skype” generation, right off the bat. If you allow students to take a digital interview right at  your job fair booth you can start building a student profile database – a place to start recruiting great talent in the future. 2. Go Social – Develop your company Facebook page and have a place where you focus your efforts on appealing to future job seekers. Highlight members of your current team so they can see what it takes to be successful at your company and establishes a code of values that you will start to be known by. Have a Twitter handle and create a hashtag candidates can follow to be privy to job opening links right when they are available. 3. Go Viral – Creating a link to one standardized digital interview will help you appeal to a mass audience. Send that link to students prior to job fairs and start populating video profiles in advance and set up meetings with the most promising candidates to maximize your time at the fair instead of waiting for ideal candidates to walk up to your booth. Ask them to share with their networks as well.  Work closely with the careers department at universities so they can get the professors involved in promoting your company’s presence at the career fairs. Their recommendation will go a long way. 4. Go Mobile – Did you know that only 20% of companies have a mobile-optimized careers page??? If you are going after Gen Y then you have to get with the mobile program. If you are in the 80% you are already behind the game. What does mobile-optimized really mean? It means that someone looking at your site on a mobile phone can easily navigate and interact with your site via their finger and can very easily push one simple button to start the application process. It also means that it looks good on a small screen – your developer will know how to make this happen. If you aren’t ready to optimize your careers site for mobile than post your open jobs on a job board that is optimized – it’s that important with the student crowd. 5. Go Classy & Follow Up – 70% of companies don’t follow up with candidates after they interview. Sure you might not hire everyone that applies for a job with your company, but you know what happens when you leave someone with a bad interviewing experience? You create brand critics. If you meet with students at a job fair and give them the impression that you are interested in them as a potential team member and then you never follow up you are releasing a graduate into the world with a bad taste in their mouth for your company. So create a brand loyalist instead by treating each applicant well – your CEO will thank you. In short, what Albert Einstein said years ago is still true for how we attract talent in future generations – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Using older and traditional methods of recruiting may have worked before but now employers need to sing a different tune. To achieve greater visibility certain changes have to take place, and starting with these tactics will help you reinvent your campus recruiting strategy for greater success and visibility. Questions for Kelci about Campus Recruiting? E-mail her at and connect with her on LinkedIn.