HireVue at Unleash 2024: AI in hiring and human potential

April 26th, 2024

UNLEASH America is the epitome of HR tech innovation and inspiration, and HireVue is honored to once again present at this year’s show. 

This year’s event is sure to focus on a few key topics—obviously AI leading the list. We’ve laid out a few key trends to keep in mind ahead of this year’s show. 

AI perception slightly differs among HR leaders and candidates

HireVue surveyed 3,000 employees and 1,000 HR leaders for it’s 2024 AI in Hiring Report, and what it found regarding AI perception was intriguing: 

Overall, HR professionals are showing a growing trust and comfort with AI in the workplace.

  • 37% trust AI systems (either very much or completely)
  • 68% are excited about using AI in the workplace
  • 58% use AI tools in the workplace at least every week, if not every day.

Overall, workers acknowledge that AI is greatly impacting the workplace as a whole

  • 73% believe AI in the workplace will have a major impact on workers in the next 20 years. They believe that AI will benefit corporations more than workers.

However, it seems that many workers aren’t convinced this impact will be positive.

  • Only 24% believe the outcome of this AI impact will help workers more than it will hurt them.

While there is great progress being made on the HR front, there is still work to be done to show candidates the research and regulations behind ethical AI. Proper hiring AI should be used as decision support—not a decision maker. And working to dispel this prominent myth will go a long way in creating a more unified perspective of AI amongst TA teams and candidates

Defining ethical AI

As in years past, there are certainly continued discussions on the regulations on AI in hiring—and such regulations are crucial in order to create an industry that celebrates fairness. It’s why HireVue created the industry’s first AI Explainability Statement and supports third-party audits of our technology. 

But when it comes to choosing a vendor, wading through the pool of AI jargon, ethics, and regulations can be nothing short of overwhelming. 

In short, at HireVue, we believe that algorithms should be highly controlled and tested by humans to prevent them from evolving in a problematic way. We deploy AI that is both static and deterministic, meaning algorithms are not being re-trained on the fly and they give the same output every time given the same input (unlike ChatGPT)—this should be the standard in hiring. With our AI systems, the algorithm is trained and tested in the “lab” and then locked before deployment. The system can only “learn” new things if someone chooses to update it.

And when searching for an ethical vendor, remember vendors should be able to:

  • Easily explain how their technology works
  • Explain it in a way that makes sense
  • Explain their ROI and validity

Assess talent for potential

Your candidates are full of potential—and it’s the job of TA professionals to unlock it. 

HireVue Human Potential Intelligence offers AI-driven technology that’s designed to assess the skills and competencies that better predict success. 

Defining candidates by what they have done, their job titles, their age, name, or alma mater does nothing to prove their capabilities.

However, incorporating assessments into your hiring process that evaluates skills and competencies is the key to finding talent that can not only succeed today but also tomorrow—and in an age where talent shortages are felt in every industry, retention is top of mind for hiring teams.

HireVue offers various assessments (we have one for any job at any level) that provide science-backed decision support.

  • 929495

    Assessments: With an assessment for every role at every level, our robust library of skill-based questions identify candidates beyond just resume qualifications—better defining what they can actuallydo.Effective hiring is rooted in data analysis, and HireVue also offers insights to candidates after their interviews.

  • 929495

    Virtual Job Tryout®: Go beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment. The Virtual Job Tryout® provides innovative candidate exercises that simulate the job and offer evidence of how the candidate will perform against competencies proven to be crucial to on-the-job success.

  • 929495

    Find My Fit: Present candidates with all roles that they fit—not just the ones they search for. Find My Fit helps easily identify what roles best match candidatepotential. After a brief assessment of interests, personality, and background, Find My Fit compares the answers to your organization’s open opportunities, recommending the roles that are the best fit for the candidate. Recommending roles based on the candidate’s interests and soft skills drives candidates to those roles that might be a better fit—and can help expand the diversity of your talent pool.

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