HireVue's 20th anniversary: recruitment insights & predictions

April 4th, 2024

Twenty years ago you or someone you love was wearing a Livestrong bracelet, texting from their Motorola RAZR, and logging onto MySpace. That same year, in the heart of Salt Lake City, Mark Newman was founding HireVue because the financial services company he wanted to work for didn’t recruit from his small liberal arts college. Mark Newman’s mission to give candidates a voice beyond their resume continues today, but rather than video interviewing alone, we connect talent to opportunity with cutting-edge conversational AI, skills assessments, and video interviews.

At our inception, the front-facing camera was far from the public imagination and the early HireVue team had to ship webcams to customers and candidates alike – fast forward to today, and 40% of our interviews are taken app-free on a mobile device. 

Since our humble startup days, we’ve acquired 5 companies: Codeeval, Reschedge, MindX, AllyO, and Modern Hire. We’ve been awarded HR Executive Magazines Top Product Award 10 times and we’ve connected tens of millions of qualified candidates to everything from entry-level roles to C-suite opportunities. 

Our science team is at the bleeding edge of innovation in IO psychology and data science. We published the HR technology industry’s first-ever AI explainability statement, and countless peer-reviewed articles, including groundbreaking work on bias mitigation.

Our first-ever customer, Rio Tinto, is still with us today using our platform to recruit talented women from outside the mining industry:

While no one starts a company expecting it to fail – our network of customers, partners, and candidates has exceeded our founder’s wildest expectations.

The next 20 years of hiring

Predicting what the future holds during this period of mind-bogglingly rapid innovation is a tall order, but in the spirit of our 20th birthday, we asked the team for their thoughts anyway. Here’s what a cross-section of our team of scientists, former recruiters, and hiring nerds have to say about the future:

“I really, really hope that when my 9-year-old is looking for his next opportunity in 20 years no one calls him to schedule him for a phone screen!  The 2 things that jam up the hiring process the most. The hours and hours it takes to sync up a candidate’s schedule with a recruiter or a hiring manager just for a conversation that’s not even a conversation but a complete restatement of a candidate’s resume (yes, the other thing that needs to go!)  I hope in 20 years these practices are recognized as so outdated and inefficient that my son reacts to these the same way I did when I found out that height and weight used to be standard on job applications!” -Amanda Hahn, Chief Marketing Officer

“People will get to experience a high-fidelity VR version of the role or set of tasks they are being screened for. An immersive experience that directly measures the role requirements and allows the candidate to decide whether they want the role will be able to be created for any role.” -Dr. Josh Liff, IO Psychologist

“Automation will be the name of the game to create time efficiencies for both candidates and employers. This automated process will create opportunities for the candidate to interview the employer, and gain clear insight into what the day-to-day expectations will include along with creating flexibility for the candidate.  I also think that “interview ghosting” should be “so 2024” and the entire concept will blow new recruiter’s minds.” -Michelle Rodriguez, Director of Customer Success

“I believe the marketplace of skills and jobs will be much more clearly realized due to AI and related technologies. Current barriers to effective hiring, like candidates and recruiters speaking different languages, will be replaced by AI systems. Consequently, hiring will be quicker, more effective, fairer, and significantly more transparent.”  -Dr. Colin Willis, IO Psychologist

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