Revolutionizing talent acquisition: Conversational AI insights

May 23rd, 2024
The HireVue Team

In the age of ChatGPT, hiring teams and workers alike are certainly taking advantage of conversational AI. 

According to ChatGPT, it’s used for “job descriptions, creating interview questions, offering tips for conducting interviews, and providing advice on the hiring process.” 

Sounds pretty great right? But when you ask it, “What is the difference between ChatGPT and HireVue conversational AI?” ChatGPT tells you the key differences:

So while ChatGPT is certainly a useful tool for a variety of tasks, when it comes to hiring and unlocking candidate potential, don’t you want a tool especially designed to do just that? 

Let’s face it, the stakes are higher for questions regarding candidates and hiring practices, so ensure you have a technology in place that takes its job as a hiring assistant seriously.

The HireVue difference

HireVue conversational AI allows teams to reach and engage masses of candidates where they are—on their phones.

Teams can easily invite hundreds of candidates to apply with a text campaign. Plus, recruiters can easily handle multiple candidate conversations from one easy dashboard responding 1:1 or in bulk—saving coveted time.  

  • Convenience: Instead of multiple phone calls, recruiters can quickly communicate with candidates whenever it’s most convenient.
  • Efficiency: Allow recruiters to communicate with multiple candidates at once
  • Compliance: Capture all text communication between recruiters and candidates. All communication is accessible and visible to the entire hiring team.

Fill your funnel faster.

HireVue conversational AI suggests jobs candidates may not know to search for by focusing on the skills that make for a top candidate. For example, when a candidate who is looking for a “waiter” position engages with a HireVue chatbot, the chatbot will suggest jobs at your company that coincides with that specific skill set—then showing jobs that may be labeled as “server.” That way candidates don’t miss out on opportunities simply because of labeling differences.

Plus, HireVue conversational AI allows hiring teams to reach and engage candidates across multiple channels including QR codes, text-to-apply ads, and career sites.

When Maggiano’s needed a way to engage a wider talent pool, increase applicant capture, automate pre-screening and scheduling, and reduce time-to-hire, they turned to HireVue conversational AI.

As a result, they saw:  

  • 21,000+ candidates engaged
  • 17,000+ interviews scheduled
  • 5,100+ applicants hired
Review Background
“[Our chatbot] closed 66% of open requisitions in 2 weeks and has created an amazing experience for our restaurant. All our applicants first talk with [the bot], and if qualified, are directly scheduled with the restaurant.”
Brooke Burgiel, Senior Director of Human Resources, Maggiano’s Little Italy

Give candidates an assistant.

It’s safe to say the job search is stressful—the unknown, the waiting, the more waiting…

HireVue conversational AI isn’t just a tool for TA teams. Come alongside your candidates and offer them a stress-free, faster way to find jobs that match their skill sets, so they can start applying immediately

Candidates can easily upload their resumes and receive suggested jobs—so they leave empowered to easily search and apply right from their phones.

Engage with employees, too. 

Conversational AI removes the time commitment from engagement—and yet it’s still personalized and effective. 

For example, when a crisis hits, companies need a way to engage with their employees to provide updates and necessary information. 

When the global pandemic knocked on the doors of the service industry, Black Angus Steakhouses needed a way to communicate with their employees, offer encouragement, and ensure lines of communication stayed open. 

HireVue conversational AI opened the lines of communication between both parties, and as a result, Black Angus saw: 

  • 74% average response rate within 1 hour
  • 96% average response rate within 24 hours
  • Hundreds of Thank Yous from employees: Priceless
Review Background
“For us, [HireVue’s] texting solution was an invaluable resource and vital lifeline to our employees during a challenging, extended shut down period. Every message sent out would get hundreds of ‘thank you’s.’”
Nicole Bulman, Vice President of Human Resources, Black Angus


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