Enhancing the candidate experience with conversational AI

November 13th, 2023
The HireVue Team
Artificial Intelligence,
Candidate Experience,
Human Potential Intelligence

Effective hiring isn’t just about making smart hires—it’s about ensuring you provide an experience that caters to your candidates with flexibility and convenience. The right solutions, including conversational AI, will not only bolster your engagement but improve candidate experience as well. 

Below are 3 strategies to transform your processes from start to finish. 

Allow candidates to search via skillset

It’s possible to match your candidate to the right job—even if they aren’t quite sure what that is. How? Matching candidates via skills—not role titles. 

Candidates frequently don’t know what role they’re looking for, but HireVue’s conversational AI Hiring Assistant takes the guesswork out of the equation. By incorporating a chatbot that can “think” outside the box of just showing one role, teams can scale hiring by matching candidates with roles by skill set and provide all the options. 

With Hiring Assistant, candidates type in a position of interest and even upload their resume. The chatbot compares the job across all jobs and job descriptions in our library to determine similar jobs based on skills, tasks, or even work activities. Our solutions review customer specific job requisitions and then display job recommendations to the candidates.

It’s easier, faster, and enhances your candidate experience: 

  • 97% increase in candidates selecting the first job shown
  • 14% decrease in candidate drop off at job choice selection
  • 4x less likely candidates restart conversation

One word: text.

Did you know you can engage 4x more candidates 5x faster simply by texting candidates? 

Candidate engagement shouldn’t be a hassle. Eliminate the stress of first day no-shows by automating your candidate communication. HireVue makes 24/7/365 day engagement easy and stress-free, so you can spend more time on building relationships and less time worrying you’ll be ghosted.

Plus, when teams can eliminate the constant stress of candidate engagement, they can focus on relationship-building instead. HireVue technology allows teams to text from a secure platform (not personal phones) and send campaign or 1:1 SMS messages to keep all candidates engaged. Texting is preferred and more effective, so enhance your candidate experience for every type of candidate you have:

  • Keep passive candidates engaged throughout the year
  • Remind your current candidates about interviews or even reference checks
  • Send those who have accepted offers reminders and keep them excited for day 1

Beacon Health System incorporated texting and has been able to keep their passive candidates engaged through the process. They’re unlocking 90% text campaign delivery and are even able to automatically check in with new employees on their 30, 60, and 90-day marks. 

“What matters is that we’re putting our name out there and people are getting our texts. Even if they’re a passive candidate, it’s important that they can easily text when they are ready for a new job.”
Alexa Tupper, Digital Recruitment Marketing Specialist, Beacon Health System

Learn how Black Angus Steakhouse has incorporated texting and seen a 74% response within 1 hour.

Back your decisions with data—not bias

Bad hires cost money, so ensure you’re making smart decisions. Assessments allow teams to ensure all candidates are evaluated equally and are completed in a quick, user-friendly experience—supporting faster hiring times. 

Assessments allow TA teams to effectively evaluate and prioritize their true top talent. And with our expanded suite of options, HireVue offers an assessment for every type of job there is

Don’t let unconscious bias seep into hiring decisions. Make your hiring process fairer by assessing talent on the factors that actually predict success—including hard skills, soft skills, and overall mindset. Our solutions are tested for bias before they’re made available to users, so we can confidently mitigate bias and provide data-backed decision-support to hiring teams.

When Unilever needed to sign through 250,000 applications to hire 800 individuals, they turned to HireVue for increased efficiency. Through HireVue Assessments, they were able to filter up to 80% of the candidate pool using data points, ultimately surfacing those candidates that are most likely to be successful at Unilever.

As a result of HireVue, they have seen:

  • £1M Annual cost savings 
  • 90% faster hiring
  • 16% increase in D&I hiring goals

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