NETTING A GREAT TEAMAs we’ve talked about before, a big part of building a strong team is having the right players. Just like a football team needs quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends- your organization needs a variety of individuals and personality types to succeed. But how can you make sure you bring in the right workers? During the hiring process, being strategic about how you hire can greatly impact the efficacy of your team. So what can hiring managers and recruiters do to digitally interview the perfect candidates for the position? 1. Cast the right lure
A generic job description will elicit generic responses. In this sense, hiring is a lot like marketing: you need to write for the audience you want to attract. Additionally, having a thorough job description will help everyone who interacts with the position make sure they’re on the same page. It creates a solid foundation on which your company can hire. 2. Choose from the pool
When interviewing candidates and making decisions, don’t just focus on skills– look for non-trainable behavior as well, like attitude and outlook. Finding someone who’s a good match for your company means that the candidate might not look as great on paper, but will be an excellent cultural fit. 3. Keep things clear
Make sure everyone is on the same page. Be clear in your expectations of your new employee, and make sure that the proper training and systems are in place for effective onboarding. Positively reinforce jobs done well, and focus on keeping lines of communication snag-free.