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At Blackbaud, their mission is simple; empower the philanthropic community so that good can take over the world. Blackbaud offers solutions for fundraising and relationship management, ticketing, merchant and payment systems, finance and accounting, analytics, online marketing and more. The success of Blackbaud is based solely on the people within it, making talent decisions mission critical.

Peggy Frazier, VP of Global Talent Acquisition wanted to take a more modern approach to building teams, and saw an opportunity to improve productivity. Before HireVue, scheduling and completing a phone screen took up to two weeks. “Before you’ve even spoken to any candidates, two weeks have gone by,” stated Frazier. “Then, many times, our team would get on the phone and know quickly that the candidate isn’t a good fit. It wasn’t a good use of anyone’s time or resources.”

“Reducing our time to fill was a huge objective of ours when we implemented HireVue. In less than a year, across all of our teams, we’ve gone from an average time to fill of 70 days down to 59 – a 15% reduction!”

VP of Global Talent Acquisition

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Blackbaud revamps recruiting across the organization using HireVue’s hiring intelligence platform

“We decided to leverage HireVue throughout all hiring within the organization, from top to bottom on a global scale.” explains Frazier. HireVue underpinned the hiring efforts across every job family and job level within the organization. “The recruiters send the best interviews to the hiring managers who review and decide who to bring in onsite. The quality of our candidates has dramatically improved. We have very few people who come in for a final interview that we felt were a miss.”

From sales, to engineering, Blackbaud has seen improved efficiency and improved quality of hire.  “The sales organization in particular has been extremely pleased with HireVue” Frazier shared. “If you think about account executives who are on the road and needing to build relationships with their customers, the use of video is a no-brainer.” And the use of video interviewing doesn’t end there! Blackbaud is also leveraging HireVue’s shareable interviewing tool that allows organizations to source and identify talent across their social channels. Leveraging social and mobile, Blackbaud is able to easily reach passive candidates to keep their pipeline full.

“With HireVue’s coding challenges, you see the entire picture of a candidate. We want to see critical thinking and problem solving in a job relevant way. HireVue gets to the heart of that and is so much more than just a coding test.”

VP of Global Talent Acquisition

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