Foxtel + HireVue

Foxtel accelerates hiring with HireVue while delivering a top-rated candidate experience

In 2019, the Foxtel Group, Australia’s leading entertainment and sports subscription television business significantly transformed their hiring process when they implemented HireVue’s virtual interviewing solution. As a result, they’ve been able to find new, competitive talent more quickly than ever before; which, in turn, has made the business more agile and innovative.

The Problem: Speed & Volume

Before introducing HireVue, the Foxtel Group’s primary challenge was speed.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the Foxtel Group’s call center was hit with an influx of call volume and the hiring team was asked to hire 120 new people within one week. Combined with the surge in job applications due to soaring unemployment, the team was under pressure.

However, since using HireVue’s video interviewing platform, the Foxtel Group has been able to assess thousands of potential hires much faster than before. In fact, at the end of the Foxtel Group’s fiscal year 2020, their small-but-mighty team of three had processed 26,488 applications across sales, marketing, finance and tech, all through the HireVue platform.

The Results: Efficiencies & Engagement

For hiring managers like myself, it saves 20 minutes per candidate — when you’re interviewing 50 people a week, this soon adds up.”

Karina Vanderwerf,
Head of Talent Acquisition, Foxtel Group

As thousands of retail and hospitality workers were laid off and applied for new jobs in 2020, the Foxtel Group developed an advantage to assess and recruit the best ones quickly and efficiently using HireVue’s virtual interviewing platform.

As a result, the Foxtel Group experienced:

  • Time savings of 20 minutes per candidate, or 3-4 hours per hiring manager/week
  • Up to 60% reduction in application-to-interview time, from 2-3 weeks to less than 1 week
  • 50% reduction in the entire hiring journey from 4-5 weeks to just 2 weeks
  • Increased NPS score of 72, as new employees gave a glowing review of their recent recruitment process (target was 70 or above)

Less time on the phone = more time looking for applicants

“Beyond saving the team time, HireVue also results in a better experience for our candidates as they are supported and kept engaged throughout their entire journey. This is important as it helps to foster brand loyalty both among actual hires and also those that unfortunately do not secure roles.”

Karina Vanderwerf,
Head of Talent Acquisition, Foxtel Group

With HireVue, the Foxtel Group has discovered that candidates show up to interviews more engaged with the brand than before. Hiring managers are empowered to offer candidates a better overall interview experience; instead of spending so much time on the phone with all applicants, they’re more available to guide and engage with a select few. Candidates who are not a good fit at the time in which they apply are respectfully dismissed.

Additionally, the Foxtel Group has found that a higher number of candidates self-select out of the interview process when they learn early on that it’s not a good fit, which not only improves candidate experience, but also process efficiencies.

Friction-free Tech Experience

“HireVue requires minimal clicks; once you’ve set it up, you can go.”

Karina Vanderwerf,
Head of Talent Acquisition, Foxtel

HireVue’s integration with Foxtel’s applicant tracking system, PageUp People, makes it easy to initialize the hiring process. Hiring managers don’t even have to log into HireVue directly; they simply review resumes, and those that are successful will progress to interview via video. Selected candidates receive an invitation to interview virtually within 24 hours of submitting an application and are then reviewed by a hiring manager when completed.

Additionally, the technical hires that are so vital to Foxtel’s business are assessed with specific technical questions, answered in detail, that can then be assessed later by the relevant tech leaders in the business.

What’s Next for the Foxtel Group

Although some stakeholders were skeptical at first, the hiring team has received very positive feedback from their TA partners due to proven results and experience with the system. The Foxtel Group plans to continue reaping the benefits of speed, efficiency and engagement that HireVue brings.

“For someone who works flexibly, having the ability to watch video interviews outside of normal business hours, and respond, is huge.”

Karina Vanderwerf,
Head of Talent Acquisition, Foxtel Group

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Hours per week time savings


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Reduction in entire hiring journey


Increased NPS score