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Expanding to New Markets Poses Unique Recruiting Challenges

TMX Finance is one of the largest and most reputable title lending companies in the country, providing more than 4,000 loans to people daily from one of three brands: TitleMax, TitleBucks, and Instaloan. Since first opening in 1998, TMX Finance has expanded to more than 1,600 stores in 18 states. CEO Tracy Young says, “Critical to our continued success is hiring the best talent to support our growth. We’re looking for the best talent across the country, individuals who want their voice to be heard, have an impact on our business, and be a part of our amazing growth trajectory. HireVue has the capability, functionality and service we need to support our aggressive hiring requirements.”

“We needed a better way for our company to standout, a more engaging way to tell our story, describe our company mission and values, and ultimately sell the opportunity to candidates.”

VP of Talent Acquisition, TMX Financial

TMX Finance focuses on hiring the right people who will stay with their organization for a long time since repeat business comprises 40 percent of the company’s revenue. In 2011, they began upgrading the recruiting process to keep up with the company’s expansion.

One of the key pieces of their strategy was incorporating HireVue into the new recruiting process. Using HireVue’s Recruitment Platform has helped to reduce the costs of hiring and ensures that the recruiters always place the right candidate into the right job, no matter the location.

In addition, HireVue gives the recruiters the ability to more powerfully convey the company’s brand and focus to a candidate. As a result of implementing HireVue, TMX Finance reports a phenomenal candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 78, tracked quarterly by HireVue. TMX Finance candidates appreciate the scheduling flexibility and convenience of the Company’s recruiting process. This creates a candidate, and ultimately an employee, who is more likely to refer people in their professional network to TMX Finance for career opportunities, which will continue to boost TMX’s employment branding efforts and overall word-of-mouth marketing.

“Live interviews give us a much better sense of the candidate and their cultural fit, skills, and abilities, beyond what a resume or a phone screen can tell us.”

Senior Talent Operator, TMX Financial

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