Increase diversity and mitigate bias

Find the best talent faster with AI-driven predictions

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AI-Driven Predictions

Consider more applicants

Drive consistency

Reduce unconscious bias

Better decision making

Cast a wider net

Great talent can come from anywhere. The more talent you can interview, the greater the opportunity to diversify your candidate pool and find high-quality candidates from all backgrounds. HireVue customers see up to 2x the candidates, and evaluate each based on objective criteria, so you can ensure the totality of your talent pool is evaluated equally.

HireVue assessments

Structured interviews ensure consistency

The traditional candidate screening process is inconsistent. Resume screens are just that, quick scans that are seconds or minutes long, focusing on characteristics that are known to be less predictive of performance like GPA, former company, and years of experience. Phone screens are also highly unstructured, leading to even greater variability in which talent makes it through your hiring funnel. Structuring the interviewing process right from the start with assessments and video interviews brings consistent and fair evaluation of candidates, yielding better, more inclusive hiring outcomes.

Diversity recruiting strategies

AI-Driven insights proven to reduce bias

Unconscious bias compounds at every step of the traditional hiring process. HireVue’s AI-driven approach mitigates bias by eliminating unreliable and inconsistent variables like selection based on resume and phone screens, letting you focus on more job-relevant criteria. AI empowers you to assess each candidate in a large pool quickly and fairly, so you can make high-quality inclusive hiring decisions.

Recognizing bias in interviews

Validated by IO psychologists

What are the critical factors for fairly evaluating potential success in a job? By leveraging a century of scientific research, HireVue’s IO psychologists have isolated proven factors that let you objectively and impartially measure candidate potential. By prioritizing candidates based on job-related criteria and eliminating variables that contribute to bias, HireVue empowers you to make the best hires without the interference of unconscious human bias.

Preventing algorithmic bias

The best talent in less time with HireVue

Our Hiring Intelligence platform transforms the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent. By combining video interviews with predictive, validated IO science and artificial intelligence (AI), HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster.

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