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Automate administrative tasks and text candidates 24/7 without additional recruiter work

More than half of hiring conversations are happening online and outside of business hours. With conversational AI and workflow recruiting automation, you can take candidates through next steps, even when you’re offline thanks to the hiring assistant chatbot

text to apply

Mobile first

Meet candidates where they are using web, text, and Whatsapp

End-to-end assistance

Create a seamless experience with support from job search to employee

Inclusive and transparent

Provide every candidate with an equal opportunity while giving consistent status updates

Workflow automation

Unlock recruiter productivity by automating monotonous tasks throughout the entire process

Conversational AI for Recruiters

Accelerate recruiter productivity while providing exceptional experiences

Conversational recruitment AI automates recruitment tasks while providing candidates with the guidance and support they need throughout the entire hiring journey. In a self-guided and personalized experience, candidates interact with the virtual hiring assistant, allowing them to quickly find the job they are looking for, pre-screen for the role, schedule an interview, and receive automatic updates without any recruiter intervention. With candidate engagement taken care of, recruiters can focus on the most qualified candidates, quickly move them through the process, while spending more time on strategic priorities.

Conversational AI Keeps Candidates Engaged for Recruiters

Simplify job discovery

Improve the fit of your applicants by capturing their work preferences, answering FAQs, and routing them to the appropriate positions

Eliminate the candidate blackhole

Make it easy to pre-screen every candidate and keep them up-to-date with automatic text reminders and follow-ups with each status update

Automate interview scheduling

Provide a simple way to schedule, reschedule, and send automated reminders to eliminate ghosting and ensure everyone is ready for their interview

Simplify Recruiting Workflows Using Conversational AI

Send Strategic Communication

Never chase candidates again while reducing dropoff by leveraging text reminders and updates to quickly move them through the entire process

Automate FAQs

Answer candidate FAQs 24×7 to give them a deeper understanding of the company and role they are applying to

Effortlessly Schedule

Quickly allow candidates to self-schedule for virtual or on-site interviews without the need to coordinate with recruiters or hiring managers

Stats Increase

Increase candidate flow

Support candidates through the hiring process to ensure they find the right role, stay engaged and informed, and are hired faster than the competition

Completed Steps

Optimize the process

Eliminate manual tasks and the need for recruiter and hiring manager intervention to create a friction free hiring process

Moving Up

Elevate the experience

Enhance the experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers with 24x7 engagement across a variety of communication platforms