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  • Reduce Time
    to Hire

    Hire in hours or days, not weeks or months

  • Make Consistent Decisions

    Get better outcomes with structured interviews

  • Maximize Flexibility

    Let candidates interview anytime on any device

  • Identify Potential

    Go beyond the resume and let candidates tell their story

The Market Leader in Structured Interviewing

Find the Best Talent, Faster with Scalable, Secure, Enterprise-grade Video Interviewing Software

HireVue video interview software gives you access to Live and OnDemand video interviews. A HireVue Live interview lets you use video to connect recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates in real-time. And a HireVue OnDemand video interview lets candidates record responses to structured, consistent, job-relevant questions anytime, anywhere and without the recruiter or hiring manager’s presence. Recorded OnDemand or Live interviews can be shared among the hiring team, and they can easily share feedback.

Recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates gain time and convenience, reduce time to hire, and increase quality of hire by focusing on potential and fit. The HireVue platform doesn’t stop there though. It includes branded candidate communications, candidate management dashboards, and more.

HireVue pioneered the video interviewing space in 2004. And has helped the world’s leading enterprises find better talent, faster for over 15 years.

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Reduce Time to Hire

OnDemand video interview software lets candidates interview on their time by recording answers to job-relevant, structured interview questions. Recruiters are freed from resume reviews, phone screens, and juggling schedules. They’re also freed from administrative tasks, such as coordinating schedules and playing phone tag. The result is reduced time to fill and a lower likelihood of candidates dropping out of the process. Recruiters evaluate more candidates more consistently in less time. Companies have used HireVue OnDemand and Live interviews to reduce time to hire to days and even hours.

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Make Better Decisions, Consistently

Make better hiring decisions with structured interviews through video interview technology that shows you more about a candidate’s full potential beyond what’s on their resume. Asking all candidates the same questions in the same order with video recruiting software lets you evaluate candidates equally. Recruiters can screen videos and then pass them on to hiring managers — everyone reviews applicants on their own time. HireVue makes team evaluation a seamless effort from a shared recording. HireVue Live video interview software has real-time evaluation tools, chat for multi-interviewer panels, and the ability to record so hiring teams can quickly come to a consensus.

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Maximize Flexibility

With HireVue OnDemand video interviewing, you let candidates complete their interviews anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. They don’t need to take time off work or fly to another location to interview. And they can show you who they are in a way they can’t on a resume, which is one reason candidates that take a HireVue video interview give the experience an average Net Promoter Score of 70.

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Connect with Candidates

With HireVue video interviewing, you do more than interview candidates. Candidates can interview you, too. You can add introductory and closing videos, as well as recorded video questions to provide virtual job previews, and introduce candidates to managers and the company. You reinforce your brand and connect with candidates to create a better candidate experience.

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Key Features

  • Deliver a branded candidate experience with branded introduction and closing videos, landing pages, and email communications.
  • Manage high-volume and passive candidate introductions with a simple link to take a video interview.
  • Deliver a symbiotic candidate experience with embedded introductory and closing videos.
  • Empower recruiters with candidate and job management features, including customizable workflows and fields, tagging, ranking, candidate comparison tools, social profile links, reporting, and more.
  • Create consistent, structured video interviews with multiple question and candidate response types, including video scenario, recorded video, and text.
  • Make the experience convenient for candidates and recruiters with top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps for candidates and hiring teams.
  • Support candidates outside of business hours with 24×7 live, real-time support for candidates and hiring teams.

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