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  • Reduce Time 
    to Hire

    Hire in Days, Not Weeks

  • Ultimate Flexibility

    Interview Candidates from Anywhere, Any Device

  • Consistent Decision Making

    Structured Interviews Produce Better Outcomes

  • Assessment & Interview In One

    Assess Candidate Competencies in a Single Step

Reduce Time To Hire

By replacing tasks like resume reviews and phone screens with an on demand video interview, you remove the need to synchronize candidates and calendars. Using HireVue OnDemand, your recruiters and managers can evaluate more candidates on their own time without having to sync calendars for a phone call so they can spend their time deciding between the best candidates, not tracking them down.

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Consistent Decision Making

Reduce your reliance on resumes and make better decisions with structured, standardized interviews. Let more candidates take a HireVue OnDemand video interview, and hire for potential instead of experience. Side-by-side evaluations give you deeper insights and more diverse talent than traditional screening methods. Equipped with real-time evaluation tools, and chat for multi-interviewer panels, HireVue Live makes team evaluation a seamless effort whether in the moment or from a shared recording.

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Ultimate Flexibility

HireVue offers candidates the ability to share their stories and demonstrate their work through video – all on their own time, anywhere, and on any device. With a Net Promoter Score of 70, candidates agree, video interviews provide a far more sophisticated representation of their potential than just their resume.

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Video Interview & Assessment In One

By combining AI with a video interview, HireVue assesses your candidates based on criteria proven to be predictive of job performance. By unifying the assessment and video interview experience into a singular process that a candidate can complete in under 30 minutes, HireVue empowers your recruiters with comprehensive insight so they can spend less time managing tasks and more time making strategic hiring decisions.

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Key Features

  • Branded landing pages with open interview links for high volume and passive candidate introductions
  • Embedded introductory and closing videos to reinforce your brand
  • Robust candidate and job management features – customizable workflow and fields, tagging, candidate comparison tools, social profile links, and more
  • Multiple question & candidate response types – Video scenario, recorded video, image analysis, text
  • Top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps for candidate and hiring team
  • 24/7 live, real-time support for hiring teams and candidates

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