Baylor Scott & White Health Makes Hiring Faster and Fairer With HireVue

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Brandis Burton- My name is Brandis Burton. I work for BaylorScott&White Health and I'm an Associate Recruiter. I am part of the university relations program team. What I am part of, all of our internships and our entry level positions. I would tell them it's gonna make your life 10 times easier. So now we use it for live interviewing. I use it for self scheduling which is a life saver, by the way. So a lot of the time, we're on the road so it does save us a lot of time if candidates are self-scheduling their own phone screens. As well, we're allowing the manager to now kind of have an extra step hand in. At first, we were just the ones who was actually just going through and evaluating candidates. Now we've allowed our managers to come in and have a hand in that before they actually select them for their initial interview. So we've kinda took it to the next step. Because I do travel so much, it takes so much time away that I have to actually sit at my desk. I kind of feel like in a sense I'm recruiting 24/7 because candidates can complete it at any time given whatever city they may be in. I would say one of our biggest challenges is that we have a lot of different areas that we are recruiting for and each role comes with different qualifications. I think HireVue helps me be able to create those set questions, those templates. But we're also kind of asking the same questions a little bit and being able to hire those candidates without a bias and kind of being able to hire within those different areas so I would say that's probably the biggest thing is how can we recruit those in mass but also create a process that is strictly just for maybe one pillar or one team. And so, there's not typically a one size fits all hiring process but HireVue makes it easy to customize that a little bit.

Baylor Scott & White Health uses HireVue to eliminate scheduling headaches, let candidates self-schedule their own interviews and phone screens, and make hiring more fair by asking all candidates the same questions with HireVue OnDemand.

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