Using HireVue to Drive Innovation in Hiring

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Amanda Barnes.(soft bright music) - I am Amanda Barnes. I'm the director of talent acquisition for TMX Finance. We originally came on board with HireVue in 2012. So we've kind of ebbed and flowed with the technology. It's probably, easiest, one of our favorite platforms. TMX as a company, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader and we wanna do the cool thing before everybody else is doing it. It was a no-brainer. We had demoed another company and it just wasn't the same. HireVue's what leapt off the page, it was the innovation and the commitment to technology that was an easy sell for us. And that's kind of what I love about HireVue. It seems like HireVue always on the cusp of digital, and like what's new, and what's fresh, and that feels fun. And that kind of conveys the attitude and the spirit that we're looking for. The sky is the limit. And the companies that adapt it now and are ready to roll forward in five years, are gonna look back and go, "Man, we were really in front of the pack, "we were leading it." And the companies that aren't taking the time now to invest in that technology and the AI side, they're gonna be behind the eight ball in a couple of years and I don't think that's where anybody wants to be. Talent acquisition is only getting faster, and you've gotta lean on your technology to get there. I think if you're gonna redesign your process or if you feel like you need to, you've gotta be willing to take a good hard look at everything. You've gotta be willing to call each other on the carpet. That's how we operate as a team. We're very tight-knit and we never stop learning. So look at the other companies, don't reinvent the wheel. If there's a company over here doing something fabulous, implement it your way. You know, I mean, we constantly do that and we're looking at what everybody else does and what we can implement, but don't be afraid to ask like, "Is what we're doing making sense for today's world?" And if it's not, then fix it. And don't be afraid to be an industry leader. I mean, you gotta dream big.
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TMX is a leader in its industry, and driving innovation through technology is in its DNA. By taking a good hard look at all of its processes, TMXrealized that HireVue was the only vendor that could take its hiring efforts to the next level.