Optimize recruitment ROI


How to boost your bottom line with every hire

The time for digital transformation is here: make sure your organization is getting the best possible recruitment ROI by optimizing for the new reality of virtual hiring processes.

As many organizational budgets shrink along with the global economy, and the pool of job seekers continues to rise with record unemployment, you need the right tools to help you identify the strongest candidates quickly, effectively, and fairly.

HireVue helps you leverage powerful behavioral science, powered by technology, to find the perfect match between candidate potential and organizational need, at scale, all while fighting bias and increasing efficiency.

Take a peek inside this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • How to calculate virtual hiring ROI
  • How to present a case around ROI to non-HR executives/business leaders
  • Recommended KPIs
  • How often you should be tracking recruitment metrics
  • What to do when you see those metrics dip or spike