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What Is Team Acceleration Software?

Team Acceleration software supports every talent decision with unique data insights instead of gut instinct or guesswork. It supports building a team by allowing candidates to apply with video to tell their story and demonstrate their abilities, vs. bullets on a resume. To support coaching a team, it allows leadership to effectively coach their team members and improve performance vs. training that’s forgotten days afterwards, and tracking and managing them. The digital platform accelerates performance and produces measureable business results in half the time - through the power of digital video and predictive analytics.


  • Candidates introduce themselves using video instead of resumes
  • Data analytics from audio, video and language analytics help identify the best fit candidates instead of gut-instinct or random sequence
  • Managers watch structured interviews instead of phone screens or premature in-person interviews
  • Candidates demonstrate their work abilities through realistic digital challenges and scenarios that are automatically scored and ranked by our algorithms which are linked to your top performers via our machine learning engine
  • Digital assessments provide the predictive validity of traditional assessments in a modern video experience, and in a fraction of the time
  • The best candidates are automatically scheduled for in-person meetings


  • Capture videos of top performers in action so new hires can learn from the best
  • Team members use digital video to practice their skills, refine delivery, and master the message from anywhere
  • Managers watch their team members’ recorded responses to questions and challenges and provide feedback anytime, through any device
  • “Microlearning” enables team members to rapidly absorb new information and master new skills quickly through deliberate practice
  • Use data on skills and attributes from highest performing team members to build hiring models and inform future hiring decisions, and continue to build and coach high performing teams

Why Team Acceleration?

The workforce of today is a multi-generational, global blend of permanent and contingent workers of all types. Companies have to digitally transform and embrace mobile, video and big data to modernize the way they build and coach such fluid and diverse teams.

How Team Acceleration Works

From Recruit to Build

From Recruit to Build

Traditional recruiting methods are designed for the highly structured, full-time “employee lifecycle” work environments of yesterday. Team acceleration is built for the diverse, fluid workplace of today. This includes workers of all types.

Instead of screening out, team acceleration helps you “screen in” - embracing diversity and inclusion. Video with rich data analytics help remove the bias of resumes and unintentional exclusion of high-potential talent pools like passive candidates, new college grads, military vets, long-term unemployed, and working moms re-entering the workforce.

From Train to Coach

In the last 30 years, the things we value from work have changed. Workers want purpose and potential over pay. Coaching and the ability to learn is the new employment currency. It’s why people want to work for you - or not.

Lack of learning new things is also the top driver of regrettable turnover. While coaching is what people desire most - it’s what many companies are the worst at. Traditional training and learning isn’t enough.

From Train to Coach
From Gut to Data

From Gut to Data

Variance, bias and inconsistent gut instinct kill great talent decisions. Every decision should be influenced by data analytics. It improves consistency, quality, and encourages diversity by removing human biases.

According to Deloitte, HR departments that use predictive analytics are twice as likely to demonstrate effective recruiting and 2.5X as likely to have good candidates lined up for leadership vacancies.

The Impact of Team Acceleration

Team Acceleration enables companies to grow 50% faster by implementing digital video and predictive analytics to build and coach higher performing teams, resulting in:



Less Vacancy



More Top Performers



Higher Productivity

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