LOOKING FOR EMPLOYEES IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES Well, not all the wrong places, maybe just a little off the mark. Unless you’ve been under a rock the past several years, you are well acquainted with the use of social media in the job search process. But there appears to be a slight disconnect between job seekers and hiring professionals when it comes to using these sites. Hiring professionals’ social media tool of choice is LinkedIn — 94% in fact. Yet only about 36% of job seekers even have a LinkedIn account — they prefer Facebook with 76% of them having found their current position there. At the same time, many more job seekers are using their mobile devices to look for jobs. Once again Facebook is job seekers’ mobile social media of choice. It’s time to dust off those unused company Facebook accounts and start making use of them for recruiting purposes. Another platform that has been under fire in certain recruiting circles is the dreaded job board: the feeling is that job postings get lost in the noise of a million others. Something to consider are those specialized job boards, and the fact that job boards are still one of the first places job seekers look even if they are doing just a casual search. Finally, with job seekers becoming naturals at using the internet for their job search, it’s time to tap into it for hiring. Digital interviewing is now available and can help save time for all professionals involved in the hiring process. It will be worth your time to develop a process involving all your different resources when searching for the right candidates.