G4S + HireVue

Speeding up candidate flow through chat-based recruiting automation

+ Goals

  • Provide accessible channels for candidates to apply
  • Deliver an engaging candidate experience
  • Reduce time to interview

+ Results

  • 25% improvement in funnel conversion rates
  • 20% increase in scheduled interviews
  • 32% higher candidate satisfaction than industry average

How G4S increased engagement and accelerated their application process

G4S Increased Candidate Engagement and Sped Up Their Application Process Globally

G4S chose HireVue for its intelligent, conversation-first platform and easy integration with their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Understanding G4S’s recruiting process, the team prioritized the following areas of recruiting:

  1. Capturing more candidates through new channels such as mobile texting and webchat
  2. Reducing candidate dropoff through quick post-application outreach and high-touch reminders at each step of the hiring process
  3. Powering their ATS with HireVue’s conversational AI to guarantee the same great experience to candidates from all sources

Increased engagement and a faster, more accessible hiring process resulted in a reduction in sourcing cost and an increased volume of quality candidates moving through the funnel.

“The reduction in sourcing cost given increased applicant flow more than pays off for the product. [HireVue] has also fully integrated with our ATS, making it easy for hiring teams to reap benefits without changing process”

Carlos Vega,
Senior Director of Recruitment Technology, G4S

Quick Facts




Improvement funnel conversion rates


Increase scheduled interviews


Higher candidate satisfaction than industry average