Boston Red Sox

the red sox build a team of all-star sales leaders with hirevue

Resume Bias

One of Major League Baseball’s most popular and beloved teams, the Boston Red Sox attract near capacity crowds to Fenway Park for 81 home games a year. Near capacity crowds are driven both by loyal fans, and an incredible sales team. Dedicated to building a team of future all-star sales leaders for the sporting industry, the Red Sox created its Sales Academy, a three-year program for budding sales reps who are hungry to build an incredible career with a legacy team.

The Red Sox initially implemented HireVue to transform the hiring of their game day staff. Due to the success in building teams faster, improving the candidate experience, and more, the Red Sox expanded its use of HireVue to include front office talent, interns, full and part time staff, and the Sales Academy.

Red Sox Sales Academy team members sell season tickets, premium seating, partial plans and group and individual tickets. William Droste, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Premium Packages with The Red Sox explains, "Members of our Sales Academy are typically just out of college or have had brief, entry level experience. We’re looking for the best of the best to fill these roles. We want them to become the future sales executives of our franchise."

While part of the three-year program, these sales reps gain extensive training and leave with a wealth of experience that can be applied across the sports industry.

Resumes Are Poor Indicator of Sales Potential, Passion and Personality

"Because these hires are generally entry-level, we look for hungry, go-getters who have sales potential and great personalities, communications skills, and attitudes. Resumes had zero insight into these qualities, which made it hard to determine the best of the best," says Droste. "We were wasting too much time building our Sales Academy team since we were blindly bringing candidates in based on their resume, and when we got them in front of us, it was easy to see they didn't have the attributes we needed."

Droste then turned to HireVue’s Team Acceleration software to better understand the sales attributes that were important to building a great team for the Red Sox Sales Academy. "A resume can tell one story, but a video interview will show something completely different. We knew that by getting to the video interview right away, we would close the gap, saving our time and expenses and also not waste the candidate’s time."

Red Sox Builds Sales Academy 75% Faster with HireVue

"The recruiting team invites the candidates to complete a digital interview and then forwards them to myself or the other hiring team for review. This allows us to cast a much larger net because reviewing 15-20 candidates on your own time is a lot easier then scheduling even half as many interviews in person. From the videos we can narrow it down to the top 3-4 candidates we really want to bring in,” Droste explains.

“With HireVue, we were able to build our Sales Academy team in less than three weeks; without HireVue, this would have taken at least eight weeks. HireVue has enabled our sales leaders to make more informed hiring decisions, faster, dramatically increasing the speed at which we build this team. This means my team is spending more time selling rather than wasting time in the hiring process," says Droste.

Advice to Sales Leaders

"Think about what it is like when a sales rep leaves. It's never a good time and it can be difficult to replace them during a particular season or sale cycle. With HireVue, you can have a full pipeline of people ready to go who have expressed an interest. If I hear someone is leaving, I'll jump into HireVue at 9pm and get the team building process started. It's such a better experience than starting from scratch and wasting critical time and resources that could be better spent selling.”

William Droste, VP of Ticket Sales & Premium Packages, Boston Red Sox

Better Visibility into Sales Attributes that Matter = Home Run

"The number one attribute we are looking for in our sales positions is a high energy level," Droste explains. "It's so easy to determine this now with HireVue. If you are watching their video interview and you are bored with what they’re saying, you know immediately that whoever they are selling to will feel the same way."

Droste continues, "Other critical attributes for us are character and likeability. It's not a controlled environment for them and we love to see how they react and how they can think on their feet. We're able to get a sense of their sales approach to an outbound call. Finally, we need people who are extremely hungry. If someone has no experience, but they are willing to run through a brick wall to get a sale, then we know they are the one. HireVue’s technology allows us to see if they are hungry and competitive," Droste says.

Promotion Rate of Sales Academy Hires Increases 30%

"After our first hiring class using HireVue, we promoted 1/3 of the class to full time positions," Droste explains. "Traditionally, we hoped to be able to promote 1/4 of them, so to improve the promotion rate 30% above our goal was a huge success. We were also thrilled with the quality of hire we were able to achieve using HireVue’s Team Acceleration software."

A Pipeline of Sales Talent Waiting on the Bench

"With HireVue, we've been able to keep a solid pipeline of qualified sales talent at our fingertips. When we have turnover or want to expand and add more team members, HireVue makes it easy to jump back into the system and see whom you've previously determined would be a top candidate. You don’t start from square one, which has been a huge advantage to our sales leaders as we look to build an incredible team quickly," says Droste.

Sales Leaders Jump on Digital

Early success with merchandising positions led to the sales managers requesting HireVue for sales staff.

“HireVue won over even the most resistant of the sales team, and we’ve expanded HireVue to ALL sales positions,” Kintz commented. “The lower fallout rate and higher quality hires in the Merchandising Department convinced Sales that they had to take advantage of this solution. We’re excited about delivering even more value and efficiency to the business and our clients by expanding HireVue to all sales positions.”

Hiring Teams Love Convenience, Increased Collaboration and Demand HireVue

“Most of our hiring managers won’t even look at a candidate without viewing their HireVue interview first. They love the insight it provides,” shared Kintz. “Additionally, they appreciate how convenient it is. They wouldn’t be able to sit down and conduct 20 interviews in a day, but watching 20 digital interviews is more manageable.”

Collaboration among recruiters and business leaders has also improved at ActionLink. Julie Pinter, Senior Recruiter, added “The ability to rate a candidate, share my comments and rating with hiring managers, and view others’ comments, has been awesome. We have true collaboration with the business on why this candidate would be a good fit.”

Building customer teams 60% Faster

“We're building teams for our clients 60% faster. HireVue has drastically improved our screening time,” Kintz explained. “Candidates are moving through the interview process in an average of two days compared to five to seven days. We are thrilled with the ability to service our clients with the best candidates more quickly.”

Advice from ActionLink

“For anyone who is reluctant to try HireVue, once you try it, you will be amazed at the benefits you’ll see: quality of candidate, time savings, efficiencies improved and cost savings – just to name a few,” advised Pinter.“HireVue has drastically changed our business and given us a competitive advantage in a way that no other solution has done.”