Hilton + HireVue

Hospitality Giant Cuts Time To Hire Nearly 90% With HireVue Pre-Hire Assessments


Ability to meet the fast growing demands of Hilton with high caliber talent through a scalable model.

Hilton’s mission is to be the most hospitable company in the world. Having a high caliber team in place to serve their guests across the company’s more than 5,000 properties in 103 countries and territories is critical to achieving this mission. Rapid global expansion and the growth of its portfolio of brands, led to a challenge for the recruiting team to keep up with the pace of the growth. Hilton’s global recruiting team launched HireVue in 2014, leveraging HireVue’s hiring intelligence across the business including: corporate, hotel operations, military and campus programs. Hiring thousands of Team Members annually, the Hilton Reservations and Customer Care (HRCC) team saw an opportunity to utilize HireVue’s video interviewing capabilities as well as data science to completely transform their high-volume hospitality recruiting model.

“The Reservations & Customer Care team has a tangible impact on customer experience and loyalty across our portfolio. Our global team is dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that inspire a passion for travel. In today’s omnichannel marketplace, Hilton is truly on a path to revolutionize human hospitality in a digital world.” 

SVP Reservations & Customer Care

Amber Weaver, who leads the high-volume corporate recruiting team at Hilton, added, “We needed to enhance and optimize our recruiting service delivery model with improved scalability in order to hire Team Members in a short amount of time. We experienced initial success of HireVue with OnDemand interviews and wanted to take our innovation to the next level by leveraging data science and the predictive capabilities within the platform.” 



Hilton’s high-volume recruiting process prior to HireVue included the use of a traditional assessment with more than 100 questions that often took in excess of an hour to complete. The multiple-step process had low completion rates and impacted overall time to hire, averaging around six weeks to fill a training class of 25 new hires. Weaver and her team partnered with HireVue’s IO team to develop a new video assessment process. Using HireVue Pre-Hire Assessments, Hilton collapsed its multi-step process into a single video assessment. The platform uses predictive analytics to assess a candidate’s vocabulary, intonation and nonverbal gestures. By identifying the definitive traits of top performers, Hilton positioned itself to focus on the best candidates.

“Our high volume recruiting team is just at the tipping point with their innovation. We are already at the forefront of using technology to eliminate inherent biases in human interviewing. The team is constantly challenging the status quo by using predictive data to hire top talent, provide an exceptional candidate experience, and remove process barriers. We’re passionate about the way that innovative technology has already, and will continue to, help our volume recruiting team propel our business forward.

SVP Reservations & Customer Care


Not only is the technology able to recommend better talent to the hiring teams, it also provides a better candidate experience. “Our candidates love the experience, giving our team a candidate Net Promoter Score of 84.9,” Weaver shared. With HireVue Assessments, Hilton’s high-volume recruiting team was able to drive down their time to hire from 42 days to just five, giving the team the ability to scale, based on business needs. Their transformation also impacted their candidate experience, doubling completion rates, surfaced better quality candidates and reduced recruiter workload by being able to focus only on the best talent.

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