High Volume Hiring In A Growth Cycle Creates Unique Challenges

With an idea to build a superior T-shirt, Under Armour was born. With a business focus of growth opportunities in footwear, women’s apparel, international expansion and retail, Under Armour grew rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. Under Armour’s rapid growth is reflected in their culture. “Our culture is often referred to as ‘lightning in a bottle,” explains Troy Barnett, Director of Corporate Services Technology at Under Armour. “We are an extremely fast-paced, high energy, young and athletic culture. Finding the right cultural fit for our organization is key to our talent acquisition priorities.” But, the hiring process became drawn out because of the huge applicant pool. “The entire process from posting a requisition to hiring a candidate was taking too long to effectively service our Retail team,” Barnett explains.

“Like most organizations, Under Armour had all of the ‘must have’ HR technology in place – transactional solutions for sourcing, applying, tracking and onboarding, but those tools didn’t revolutionize and modernize our recruiting the way we needed it to.”

Director of Corporate Services Technology, Under Armour


Video Interviewing Brings Innovation to Retail Recruiting and Empowers Store Managers

In order to revolutionize their hiring practices, Under Armor turned to HireVue’s video interviewing technology. “With OnDemand interviews, we’re empowering our retail managers to make their own hiring decisions and providing them with a tool to review their top candidates quickly and hire only the best,” explains Barnett. And these tools are proving to have big results such as a 35% reduction in time to fill, and improved quality of hire.  “A resume or even a phone screen doesn’t tell the full story. We found that after a phone screen, the person that shows up isn’t the person you thought you were getting.”

“After reviewing HireVue and seeing how innovative, powerful, and easy to use it was, we made it our top HR priority, above any other initiative.”

Director of Corporate Services Technology, Under Armour

Video interviews are a hit with candidates too. “The candidates have completely embraced it. They are so tech savvy that this is how they operate on a daily basis” explains Barnett. Because candidates are also customers, leaving candidates with a positive impression is critical. Under Armour is proud to have a candidate NPS of over 70, nearly three times that of the retail industry.  Lee Ann Fallon, Senior Director of Retail Stores and Operations recognizes the value that high tech recruiting brings to her retail operations. Fallon explains.“ HireVue streamlines the initial phase of hiring to quickly identify qualified candidates and get them in the process faster, while also relating to today’s hires.”

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