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HireVue Assessments combine video, artificial intelligence, and game-based challenges that are fast, simple, and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. Our scientifically validated approach rapidly and accurately identifies the best candidates that will help you reach your business objectives while minimizing bias in the selection process.

By leveraging artificial intelligence within a video interview, coupled with data collected from gameplay, HireVue provides your hiring teams with key insights into a candidate’s work style, how they work with people, and general cognitive ability. These data points are analyzed by our proprietary machine learning algorithms, which help to quickly prioritize candidates to ensure you engage with the highest quality candidates first.

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Create A Better Interview

By combining a video interview with game-based challenges, you speed up your hiring process. HireVue enables you to assess candidates for multiple job-related competencies and record a video interview in a single unified experience that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Because leveraging AI allows your hiring teams to accurately predict future success in a single step, you can speed up time to hire and dramatically increase your recruiter’s efficiency.

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More Insight Into Candidate Competencies

By collecting tens of thousands of data points in a single assessment, HireVue augments recruiting teams’ hiring decisions with accurate insight into every candidate’s job-related competencies. Understanding a comprehensive view of every candidate allows you to focus your time and resources on the candidates with the highest potential so you can make better hires faster.

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Understand Talent Beyond The Code

The best tech talent are not just coders, they are great collaborators, effective communicators, and they can see the bigger picture. HireVue technical assessments measure more than just coding proficiency to ensure you are hiring the experts who will excel in a team oriented environment.

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Assessments to fit your

Select from Custom or Pre-Built Assessments based on your hiring needs.

HireVue Pre-Built Assessments

Pre-Built Assessments allow your organization to rapidly deploy a talent selection solution that measures validated competencies directly related to job performance. By using a predetermined assessment model and scoring algorithm, Pre-Built Assessments eliminate the need to gather candidate or employee data, so you can begin evaluating quickly.

HireVue Custom Assessments

Custom Pre-employment Assessments are created from an individualized job analysis and tailored to measure job-specific competencies using custom interview questions and game-based challenges. HireVue Custom Assessments prioritize candidates based on your best talent and your unique hiring objectives.

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