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What is HireVue Insights?

Developed by the industry’s top PhDs in IO psychology and data science, HireVue Insights is a deep learning analytics engine that uses machine learning to extract and understand behavioral attribute patterns derived from structured and unstructured digital interactions. Insights builds data models by linking digital interactions - including audio, video, text and natural language - to business outcomes such as job performance, turnover and safety. The data models provide scoring and ranking for faster, smarter hiring and coaching decisions.

Predictive People Analytics

HR departments that use predictive analytics are 4X as likely to be respected by other departments within their company (Deloitte). HireVue Insights creates hiring and coaching models that have proven to help:

  • Rank and score the best candidates
  • Identify overlooked high-potential candidates
  • Assess personality, motivation, ambition using real data
  • Measure evaluator accuracy
  • Measure coaching effectiveness
  • Reduce hiring bias with data
Predictive People Analytics
Predictive Machine Learning

Predictive Machine Learning

As roles and job requirements evolve over time, so to should your predictive models. Insights models can be continually calibrated over time through machine learning data analytic techniques to evolve and change with your organization. This ensures that the most relevant attributes are used to predict outcomes which are timely and align to ongoing organizational success.

Get to the Best Candidates, Fast

The Insights model development and validation process derives algorithms that are used to produce an indicator of a candidate's likelihood to meet the desired job outcomes based on correlation to current top performers - allowing teams to identify the best candidates fast. Combined with our IO Psychology and Data Sciences teams, the candidate insight model is also used to power HireVue Digital Assessments.

Get to the Best Candidates, Fast
Measure Evaluator Performace

Measure Evaluator Performance

Insights models provide actionable data on interrater agreement and the accuracy of hiring decisions, which allows organizations to identify issues with rater agreement and accuracy within specific groups of interview decision makers.

Coaching & Mobility

Insights models can help identify high potential talent and future leaders within your organization based on correlation to existing leaders and top performers.

Coaching & Mobility

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