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Rackspace uses HireVue To deliver fanatical support





+ Challenge

Hiring a high-volume customer support team at scale

Rackspace serves customers in 150 countries across the globe and its team of 5,700 “Rackers” delivers unparalleled service to customers to make computing simple and powerful for businesses. Fanatical Support is at the core of everything they do. Their Customer Service Technical role is an extremely important entry level position because they are the direct connection to their customers, and as such, identifying the right people at scale was crucial to the success of the organization.

“Our Customer Service Technician role is a high volume position, and we didn’t have a way to identify the right people at scale. We were spending massive amounts of time interviewing and needed a better solution”

Director of Customer Care

+ Solution

HireVue technology helps Rackspace to build customer service teams at scale – cutting interview time by nearly 90%

The team at Rackspace turned to HireVue as a solution to transform their recruiting process, leveraging video and data to help them identify and screen the ideal Customer Service team.

On average, each quarter, the leadership team and recruiters were spending over 1,110 hours on phone screens and interviews. With HireVue they were able to take that down to 140 hours per quarter with the majority of that time is spent face to face with candidates. In addition, the ability to quickly assess top candidates surfaced better quality candidates to the hiring teams. With HireVue, Rackspace was able to review 3 times the amount of candidates in the same amount of time. “Our team leads absolutely love the switch to HireVue. Our hiring teams feel a stronger connection to the candidate when they meet them face-to-face, the hiring process is so much more engaging and consistent. All of this equates to a more seamless process for candidates, hiring team, and ultimately has freed up our leaders for more time spent focusing on customer outcomes,” Carter concluded.

“We’ve nearly doubled our interview-to-hire ratio with HireVue. We have confidence that we’re hiring the best candidates because we have access to more candidates now than ever before.”

Recruiter for Rackspace

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