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Benefits of Digital Interviewing

HireVue offers individuals the ability to share their stories and demonstrate their work through digital video - all on their own time, anytime. In fact, more than 60% of interviews take place outside of the normal 9-5. Our Team Acceleration Software provides visibility into the real attributes that matter – things like attitude, ambition and potential. Combined with predictive data analytics, it removes the personal bias of gut instinct, the reliance on resumes, and the disillusionment of blind interviews and worthless ratings. It levels the playing field for candidates and helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions to build high-performing teams faster.

Gain Insight to Skills and Attributes that Really Matter

Have you ever wondered how someone will interact with your customers or represent your organization during real, daily interactions? On Demand Interviews look beyond resumes and job applications to help you consider more candidates based on things that matter most and make better hiring decisions. Now you can bring candidates to life by allowing candidates to demonstrate their true abilities on their own time and from their computer or mobile device. Immediately validate specialized skills; and gauge attitude, ambition and potential to find the best fit person for the job.

Gain Insight to Skill and Attributes
Real Time Access to Top Talent

Real Time Access to Top Talent

Engage prospective candidates through email, employee referrals, search engines, and social media channels. Then allow them to introduce themselves through a mobile, video-enriched interaction, which gives you an immediate sense of their personality and drive. Whether you’re sourcing for full-time, part-time, or independent contractor positions, HireVue makes it faster and easier to create a great pool of prospects before you even need them.

Enterprise Ready Experience and Support

HireVue was uniquely designed for busy recruiters and business managers by experts in HR and business. Flexible, cutting edge functionality and configurability, deep-level integrations, and the HR industry’s #1 rated mobile app are just a few of the reasons HireVue is the global standard in enterprise grade software delivery. With dedicated, full service account management and support teams around the globe we will see to it that you achieve results.

Enterprise Ready Experience

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