6 Digital Disruption Sessions You Can't Miss

June 8th, 2017
Jon-Mark Sabel

For the last four years, HireVue has brought together thought leaders, influencers, and customers to its annual HR conference, Digital Disruption. If you’re already a HireVue customer, Digital Disruption is a fantastic opportunity to see what your industry peers are doing with the software. Attendees walk away inspired by the ways other organizations are improving their employer brand and building a great experience for candidates; most returning attendees have implemented many of the ideas and innovations they’ve heard at the event.  If you’re not a HireVue customer, there’s still a tremendous amount to learn - it's not all about HireVue. You'll see what those on the cutting edge of employer branding are doing to attract the best candidates, how to drive change management, and gain valuable insight into how others are transforming the hiring process. For those unable to attend, we’re happy to announce that select sessions will be livestreamed and available on demand! These are six sessions you can't afford to miss:

“Candidates Don’t Like Assessments”: Debunking this and other Myths Through Data Science and AI

Featuring: Unilever, Pymetrics, HireVue

Unilever’s done some incredibly innovative stuff in the recruiting space this past year. If you’re unfamiliar with their digitally-revamped hiring process, check out this video they produced for EREmedia. In this session you’ll hear from Melissa Gee-Kee, Unilever’s Strategy Director to the CHRO & Global HR4HR Director, learning how they implemented cutting-edge AI-assisted assessments in their hiring process. Joined by the CEO of gamification provider Pymetrics and HireVue’s Chief I-O Psychologist, Gee-Kee will explore how Unilever cut their time to hire from 4 months to 2 weeks without losing quality, diversity, and a great candidate experience.

From Candidate to Consumer: Driving Revenue Back To Your Business

Featuring: Vodafone, VF Corporation (Vans), Caleres

Candidates are customers. Forget Super Bowl ads: while your potential customers might be busy refilling the dip during the Super Bowl, during the hiring process they are wholly focused on your organization. A candidate’s experience during the hiring process is one of the most intimate interactions they’ll have with your brand, and provides the perfect opportunity to create new customers. In this session, you’ll see what Vodafone, VF Corporation, and Caleres are doing to transform the candidate experience and drive the creation of new customers.

Taking Change Management Worldwide: The Journey to Hiring Excellence

Featuring: Sabre, Expedia, Willis Towers Watson

With any new software solution comes the issue of adoption and buy-in. Just because you’ve allocated budget to a great tool does not mean everyone will use it. This dynamic panel featuring Sabre, Expedia, and Willis Towers Watson will showcase each organization’s unique approach to rolling out technology in disparate areas of the world. This session will cover their best practices for change management, as well as how they’ve earned buy-in across leadership and geographies.

Interview First, Apply Later: How a Flipped Hiring Process Increases Diversity and New Hire Quality

Featuring: Children’s Mercy Hospital

For many candidates, the hiring process is broken. Job descriptions are full of confusing jargon and request absurd qualifications. At Children’s Mercy Hospital, applicants would apply to dozens of jobs they were not remotely qualified for - and miss the openings they could realistically fill. So Children’s Mercy turned the hiring process on its head. Instead of forcing applicants to apply for specific roles, they can now introduce themselves via video to the recruiting team. This allows recruiters to retroactively suggest openings that are a good fit for the job seeker. In this session you’ll learn about the many benefits CMH has reaped from their flipped hiring process, including the unintended result of increasing diverse hires.

Building a Magnetic Employment Brand

Featuring: Mosaic

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, establishing and maintaining a consistent employer brand is essential for attracting and retaining the right sort of talent. In this session, you’ll learn how Mosaic attracts the candidates they need with a magnetic employer brand. They’ll explore the creation of a strategic voice, how to deliver that message to prospective candidates, and other branding best practices.

Revise, Relaunch, Recruit: Baker Hughes’ Stunning Turnaround

Featuring: Baker Hughes

After industry upheaval and tanking oil prices brought Baker Hughes' implementation of video interviewing to a sputtering halt, they reevaluated their hiring strategy. Now, Baker Hughes has launched HireVue in over 90 countries, accessing talent pools as remote as Sudan and Ethiopia. In this session, you'll learn how they used data-based decision making to remove recruiting biases, relaunch video interviewing, and create the ultimate change-management turnaround.

If your organization has issues surrounding change management, employer branding, and the candidate experience, these are 6 sessions you won't want to miss.

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