Hiring Tech Teams While Hitting Your Deadlines — CodeVue

May 15th, 2013
Loren Larsen, Chief Technology Officer

Let’s face it we all know that we need to hire the best technical talent we can, but it takes a long time to source, screen, interview and decide if you're really looking for strong talent.  How do you do this while keeping your best interviewers (usually your best people) busy creating value and hitting deadlines?

1. Get the word out. 

If you’ve done your job right and created a place where people want to work, then your employees are the best source of new talent.  Talented coders often associate with other talented coders and the best ones want to bring in other great ones so they can work with them.  Your employees can tweet, Facebook, email, or post to LinkedIn about your latest position.  With HireVue technology, you can directly include a link to the position and the candidate can immediately click the link, register and take the interview.

2. Find best and ignore the rest.

HireVue  CodeVue uses online programming tests to qualify and attract new talent.  There are two great ways to use this.  Create an online programming challenge and blast it out there.  Candidates can respond to the challenge where they log in and solve the challenge you post.  The possibilities around this are endless.  You can create monthly talent contests and give prizes to the winners while building your employment brand and your talent pool.

You can choose to spend your recruiting efforts wooing the cream of the crop. You can also use CodeVue in conjunction with a HireVue OnDemand video interviewing.  Here you send out a link to candidates with questions that let you gather video responses to gauge personality, communication style, and cultural fit as well as coding questions to gauge technical capability.  Worried about plagiarism and cheating on the tests?  Just include a video question after the challenge and have the candidate explain their solution.  Combining coding tests and video questions is powerful and reliable.

3. Make the right decisions. 

CodeVue automatically scores the coding challenges.  You can use the score as a filter of where to spend your time reviewing the video answers.  Focus in on the best quickly.  Once you rate the videos, you can forward your favorites to hiring managers and technical team members.  By eliminating the weak candidates early on, your top technical people are spending time with validated top talent – the people they want to talk to.  From here you can gather up all the feedback and use HireVue’s 2-dimensional comparison tools to identify the best candidates.

4. Get better at interviewing.

HireVue improves the quality of hire for sure, but if you do make a mistake, it’s easy to go back and see what went wrong.  You can go back and review the original interview and see what was missed.  Should you have asked a different question?  Should you have paid more attention to certain answers where important information was revealed that no one noticed?  Were certain interview comments ignored or did one of your reviewers push hard for the wrong candidate?  You can see it all in HireVue and adjust the process, interview content and how your team is trained to interview.  This has really never been possible before.

Don’t stand in your own way of finding the tech talent you need; take advantage of these tips to set your organization apart, and find a perfect match.

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