Mastering campus hiring with HireVue

January 19th, 2024
The HireVue Team

As the campus hiring season kicks off, recruiters and HR professionals are gearing up to find the best talent to join their organizations. In today’s tech-driven world, innovative tools like HireVue have revolutionized the hiring process, making it more efficient and streamlined. In this blog post, we will explore how to leverage HireVue for successful campus recruitment and hiring.

Understanding HireVue

Have you ever thought about the fact that your next campus hire could be the company’s future CEO?!

Ensuring your early talent hires are primed for success is a critical piece to the longevity of your workforce. HireVue has reimagined the hiring game with Human Potential Intelligence. With AI-driven tech designed to unlock potential, teams can easily evaluate the skills needed for success today and tomorrow. We offer features like on-demand interviews, live interviews, and AI-driven talent assessments, making it a versatile tool for the campus hiring process.

With HireVue, you can ensure your entire hiring process is stacked with the tech that will unlock the potential of top candidates.

HireVue Conversational AI

Candidates frequently don’t know what role they’re looking for, but HireVue’s conversational AI Hiring Assistant takes the guesswork out of the equation—so your first step of the process is optimized for success.

With the HireVue Hiring Assistant, candidates type in a position of interest and even upload their resume. The chatbot compares the job across all jobs and job descriptions in our library to determine similar jobs based on skills, tasks, or even work activities. Our solutions review customer-specific job requisitions and then display job recommendations to the candidates.

Find My Fit

Present candidates with all roles that they fit—not just the ones they search for. Find My Fit helps easily identify what roles best match candidate potential. Candidates complete a brief assessment of their interests, personality, and background. The results are then compared to your organization’s open opportunities, recommending the roles that are the best fit for the candidate. Recommending roles based on the candidate’s skills and interests drives candidates to those roles that might be a better fit— and can help expand the diversity of your talent pool. 

Audit your job descriptions.

When you’re creating job descriptions, make sure they’re really for early talent. Create compelling job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates—but be sure your jobs are actually entry-level. According to Monster, “Four in 10 college graduates say the hardest part of looking for a job is that ads call for multiple years of experience.” 

With HireVue Human Potential Intelligence, you hire candidates based on what they’re capable of, not what they have done, so you can set your future workforce up for success.

Expand your reach with virtual interviews.

One of the key advantages of HireVue is the ability to conduct on-demand and live interviews to scale hiring. Virtual interviewing allows candidates to complete interviews at their convenience, accommodating busy student schedules—and it allows hiring teams to expand their reach beyond just the campuses they visit.

Plus, with HireVue, you can say goodbye to searching online for interview questions. With HireVue Builder, you can ask all your candidates the same questions, tied to competencies, based on roles—all validated by scientists and behavioral psychologists. Assess the skills that actually predict job performance instead of relying on resumes (which can look pretty similar for early talent).

Structured Interviewing ensures a fairer process for candidates because evaluations are more consistent. Plus, on-demand interviewing allows multiple parties to review the interview without asking a candidate to have unnecessary additional interviews either virtually or live.

Assess talent for potential.

HireVue’s AI-driven assessments provide valuable insights into a candidate’s skills and suitability for a role. Integrate these assessments into your campus hiring process to objectively evaluate candidates and identify the best fit for your organization. Assessments screen for potential and skills that don’t always show up on a resume—and when your early talent resumes frequently look the same, this is an important distinction.

HireVue is an indispensable tool for campus recruiters seeking to optimize their hiring processes. By leveraging solutions designed for early talent, recruiters can conduct efficient, engaging, and data-driven interviews, ultimately selecting the best talent to join their organizations. As you embark on the campus hiring season, embrace the power of technology with HireVue to make informed and successful hiring decisions.

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