A New Brand of Entry-Level Candidates

February 9th, 2019

Generation Z is a demographic of a million-strong force, surpassing the size of Millennials. As this new wave of talent enters the workforce, it’s crucial for Talent Acquisition teams to adapt and evolve. In this post, we’ll explore innovative recruitment strategies and the effective use of hiring technology to connect with and attract these Gen Z candidates.

Just when you’ve mastered Millennial recruiting best practices, it’s time to refine your hiring approach again. While Gen Z shares some of the characteristics of their predecessors, this generation is also unique in ways that will change how effective recruiting for Gen Z is done:

Nearly 50% of Gen Z is non-white

This is the most diverse generation in U.S. history. In the entry-level bracket ages 18 to 24, 45% of candidates are non-white. Under age 18, 48% of Americans are non-white. Companies that show they value diversity and an inclusive culture, and can demonstrate they are committed to diverse hiring will be more likely to attract Gen Z attention. Interviewing technology can help you deliver a consistent, fair hiring process for all. Platforms that feature technology designed to reduce unconscious bias in hiring enable TA teams to raise diversity hiring to new levels.

Gen Z is 100% digitally native

This is the first entire generation to be born during the age of smartphones, self-service online tools, and AI-enabled virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. They’ve never known a world without the convenience and speed of digital interaction. Much of their time is spent on social media, streaming videos and gaming online. When so much of their world is instant, digital and seamless, why would they expect anything else when it comes to job searches and your hiring process? To create the kind of candidate experience that will engage Gen Z and accelerate your job offers, explore interviewing technology that offers virtual and on-demand interviews, automated scheduling, integrated interviews and assessments, and the power of an AI-enabled virtual hiring assistant all in a single platform. 

3 in 4 Gen Zers prefer face to face communication

It’s true: 74% of Gen Z would rather connect with colleagues face to face than via other formats – a large departure from the preferences of Millennials. Gen Z doesn’t equate face to face with in-person, though. It’s more about their partiality to visual communication, and that they can accomplish digitally. Mobile-first video interviewing platforms with live and on-demand interviewing help recruiters and hiring managers reach and dialog with Gen Z with technology that’s in their hands nearly 24/7.

54% expect to find their first job through their digital/social connections

That’s a substantially higher percentage than the average of 36% across all generations in the workplace. In addition, while older generations gravitate toward Facebook and Twitter, Gen Z chooses YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat as its favorite social media channels. This generation’s social media preferences give recruiters an opportunity, but they can’t take advantage of it without the right hiring technology. Integrated interviewing platforms can support TA teams’ social media engagement with Gen Z by:

  • Enabling recruiters to socialize job postings and invite Gen Z candidates into the hiring process with an on-demand video and text interviews
  • Freeing recruiters to spend more time with social recruiting for Gen Z by automating some of the administrative work of recruiting, like scheduling interviews. Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) AI-enabled interviewing technology automates text interviewing and candidate self-scheduling. It also helps recruiters improve their efficiency with functionality like automated SMS messages to remind candidates of their upcoming live interviews.
52% are more confident about their tech skills than soft skills.

Gen Zers feel more prepared to use tech skills than non-tech skills when they get to the workplace. As candidates, they want to know they’ll be able to hone these skills on the job, and assurance that a potential employer sees them as they are. Advanced interviewing platforms enable recruiters to get the right message across to Gen Z candidates. Just as importantly, with video interviewing applications recruiters can develop a deep sense of Gen Z candidates current soft skills and potential for learning and growth. It’s technology that helps young candidates, TA teams and hiring managers feel confident about the fit.

Gen Z and AI-enabled hiring technologies are coming of age at about the same time in today’s workplace. To learn more about ways AI is changing the way organizations are recruiting for Gen Z candidates, watch our webinar, AI isn’t the Problem. It’s the Solution to your Hiring Challenges.