Top tips for the upcoming seasonal holiday surge

July 20th, 2022
HireVue Team
Seasonal hiring
Smiling female staff using digital tablet in supermarket

It may still be months away, but for many hiring teams, their minds are already thinking about their upcoming holiday hiring needs. And for a lot of them, the mere idea can feel overwhelming. 

However, technology like HireVue allows teams to spend less time stressing and more time engaging with new hires.

Below are the top tips to make your seasonal hiring a lot less stressful.

It’s time to start now.

According to, you have to start early. Competition is fierce, and you don’t want to miss out on your top talent because you didn’t have a plan in place. Technology built for hiring, like HireVue, offers solutions that automate your hiring process, so you can spend less time on manual tasks like scheduling and start hiring faster. Incorporating conversational AI into your process automates your prescreening and interview scheduling, so you can rest assured you’re hiring the best candidates quicker.

Think smarter not harder.

Here’s a question: Who already knows your business and understands what’s expected? The answer? Your past seasonal employees. 

Having a pool of previous employees ready to reach out to means you don’t have to start each hiring season from scratch. And HireVue automated solutions make 24/7/365 day engagement easy and efficient. 

Plus, with HireVue Direct Messaging you can send out a seasonal hiring campaign with a direct link to apply through text from a platform—not a personal phone. Teams can send candidates 1:1 or campaign SMS messages from a secure, compliant platform instead of having to use their own devices. 

HireVue allows teams to consistently engage with old and new employees even after they’ve accepted the offer–which is especially crucial for those teams who are hiring months in advance. 

Meet your candidates where they are.

We say this all the time—you absolutely must be reaching candidates on their phones. Every year, millions of college kids head home for winter break looking to make some money before they head back to school. According to Verizon, “92% of college students use their phones during idle time at school or work.” Make sure you’re able to reach, engage, assess, and interview your candidates where they are—on their phones. 

Be honest about expected job responsibilities.

You want to set your company and employees up for success. Offering realistic job previews is a great way to do that. Does the position require unusual hours? Manual labor? A lot of time spent standing? Realistic job previews give candidates an idea of what their typical day would be and what responsibilities will be expected, so both parties can achieve success. 

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