HireVue 2022 Global Trends Report

global hiring trends

HireVue 2022 Global Trends Report

Meet the hiring moment by focusing on speed, retention and flexibility.

As we enter another year where flexibility is paramount, one thing is clear: talent leaders are using every tool at their disposal to defy hiring challenges.

HireVue interviewed 1,657 hiring leaders across the globe, and from a wide range of industries to understand how organizations are thriving while also preparing for what might come next.

Successful talent teams are building on what worked from prior digital shifts and investing in partnerships to solve familiar challenges like time to hire, as well as entirely new ones like retaining employees in an increasingly competitive market.

Key findings

It’s not a war, it’s a race for talent. Faster turnaround time for new hires is the #1 top-ranked change talent leaders want to solve in 2022.

Employee retention is everything (or at least a lot of it). 43% feel under-resourced for their hiring needs.

A blend of in-person and remote is here to stay. Companies that automated with conversational AI or assessments reported a significantly shorter time-to-hire.


Agility is the only way to stay ready and meet the talent demands of the moment. Download the report and see which trends you should be prioritizing.