Telstra uses candidate experience to boost its consumer brand

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Sharon Tan- My name is Sharon Tan. I head up talent acquisition and talent management globally for the group called Telstra. We're predominantly in Australia. We're the number one carrier, what we call a telco carrier, in Australia. 25 million people in Australia and our customer base is almost 18 million. A lot of people will not get jobs with us, right? But we actually do realize that they're clients of ours, so we wanna make sure that the experience is a good one so that even if they didn't have the opportunity to come and work for us at this point in time, the experience in getting to know us as an organization is very much there. And that's probably been the sell of the videos and the storytelling. And so what we were trying to do is partner with a global provider to take us to the next level of video interviewing with some form of games, some form of technical testing, because our spectrum of new roles, of future roles, will be technically inclined, so we wanted something that would give us a lot more credibility in assessments. We also wanted something that was global, rather than just Australia-based, as we actually have operations and we're actually starting our innovation, or we have innovation in our India practice, as well. I like to push the lens of innovation and creativity, and the fact that video interviewing also allows candidates, and ourselves as well, to tell a story, rather than it's an assessment, per se, so it feels a lot more personal and it's a lovely experience, and that's why we started this journey with HireVue.

Telstra uses OnDemand video interviewing to give candidates a great experience with its brand — even if candidates don’t ultimately get the job. Telstra also uses AI to take its pre-hire assessment strategy to the next level.