Simplify and streamline recruitment: The power of interview creators

January 30th, 2024
The HireVue Team

How many times have you sat down and realized you not only have an interview in ten minutes but don’t have questions? 

Did a quick Google search or ChatGPT query give you options?

Be honest…

We get it. Time is of the essence! But when it comes to creating fairer hiring processes, structured interviews ensure all candidates receive the same experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, the hiring process has evolved significantly, with technology playing a pivotal role in streamlining hiring. HireVue offers a powerful tool that empowers teams to create structured interviews—in seconds. 

The right questions for the right hires

On-demand interviewing offers flexibility to both candidates and recruiters, and the right tools can ensure it’s a process optimized for success. HireVue Builder, a first-of-its-kind solution, is a structured interview creator tool that serves up job-related competencies, competency-based interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides for any job role at any level to allow hiring teams to build great interviews, fast. 

Decades of research have consistently shown that well-developed and executed interviews, throughout the entire hiring process, are among the strongest predictors of a successful hire. Asking the right questions is vital—but do hiring teams truly know which questions will lead to the best outcome? With a tool like HireVue Builder, you get access to a robust question library developed by our team of expert IO psychologists and data scientists. Using an automated interview tool, like HireVue Builder, makes it easy for hiring teams to identify ideal interview questions for their open roles. It’s fast, easy, and effective.

Builder for Live: HireVue also offers Builder for Live, which combines the structured interview generator with HireVue’s live interview platform, expanding the consistency and fairness beyond the recruiters to the hiring teams and live interviews. Now hiring managers can easily conduct structured, consistent live interviews with a clearly defined rating scale for the interviewees so that all are being scored consistently. By implementing this technology, hiring teams are given access to well-designed, pre-written, and science-backed interview questions that evaluate for job-relevant skills and assess for competencies (not resumes).

Key features:

  • Customizable interview templates: Tailor your interview process by creating personalized interview templates that align with your organization’s specific needs. Leverage your own competencies, questions, and evaluations. Or use ours–it’s flexible. Speed up the time-to-interview and evaluation with rapid templates.
  • Standardize interviews for fairness and consistency: Give your hiring teams access to better interview content with validated behavior-based questions, tied to competencies. Create fairer hiring outcomes with optimized interview questions and structured interviewing.
  • Streamline collaboration among hiring teams: Assess candidates consistently with evaluation guides built into the interview experience. Hiring teams can be instantly calibrated with provided job-related attributes and behavior examples validated by IO psychologists. Foster collaboration among hiring teams by allowing multiple stakeholders to review and assess candidate interviews.
  • Mobile accessibility: Conduct interviews anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of mobile accessibility. This feature ensures flexibility for both candidates and hiring teams.

How does it work? 

  1. Utilize an interview template: HireVue offers a vast library of templates, or you can create your own—all strengthened by relevant questions and evaluation criteria. Customize the template to align with the skills and qualities you’re seeking in candidates.
  2. Invite Candidates: Send personalized invitations to candidates, providing them with clear instructions on how to participate in the virtual interview. HireVue Builder supports a user-friendly interface, making it easy for candidates to navigate—even from their phones.
  3. Conduct interviews: Candidates can complete their interviews at their own pace, eliminating scheduling conflicts. The platform records video responses, allowing hiring teams to review and assess candidates at their convenience.
  4. Strong analysis: Leverage AI analysis to gain deeper insights into candidate responses. By ensuring all candidates are evaluated consistently, you provide a fairer hiring process, and stacked ranking allows you to identify high-potential candidates. 

Strengthening your interviews with assessments

Builder ensures you’re creating a strong foundation for your interview process. HireVue offers other tools to further strengthen your interview process with fairer, efficient solutions designated to unlock the potential of your candidates. 

HireVue offers assessments for any role in any industry—at any level. With assessments, candidates are invited to complete your assessment within minutes of applying (so you’re quickening your time-to-hire, too). Game-based, psychometric tests are fun, quick to complete, and useful tools for pre-employment and internal mobility decisions. Easily assess skills in a quick and engaging experience that helps teams prioritize candidates based on their personality and work style, how they work with people, and how they work with information.

HireVue Builder stands at the forefront of modern hiring solutions, offering a user-friendly and innovative approach to talent acquisition. Embrace the future of recruitment by incorporating this powerful tool into your hiring process, and unlock a seamless and efficient journey towards building a stellar team.