Find Your Fit: The Perfect Job Requires the Right Connection

October 17th, 2014
HireVue Team
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Finding a job in today’s market can be tough even if your resume is polished and you ace the interview. Rather than getting discouraged by the lengthy hiring process, turn your post-interview stress into fuel for getting the job you really want. Are you wondering how to boost your chances after speaking with a job recruiter? Then read on for some tips for enticing a recruiter and landing the perfect position.

Connect with the Right Person

If your recruiter seems positive and open for continued communication, then direct your efforts to that person in terms of follow-up emails and phone calls. If you didn't get a welcoming vibe or you feel that the interview was off somehow, then pursue other avenues into the company. However, it's not okay to circumvent the chain of command, but it is acceptable to make connections with people who might be more willing to lend you a helping hand. Find out who's in charge of the department where you want to work, and build a solid networking connection with that person.

Take Feedback to Heart

During an interview, a recruiter might give you feedback about your current skills or qualifications. Instead of neglecting these comments, take them to heart to improve your chances. Build on your skills by taking additional classes or revising your resume so that it more accurately reflects your real abilities. You may think a video interview platform will make it difficult to gauge a recruiter's real interests, but you can impress any company by expounding on your talents and what you bring to the table.

Stay on Top of Your Prospects

Just because you don't get a callback doesn't mean the employer wasn't interested; you may just not have fit the position to which you applied. If you really want to work for the company, then keep your eyes and ears open for additional opportunities. Continue to explore positions within the same company, possibly creating different resumes that stress different skills that would fit better with their job requirements. Also, let your recruiter know about your progress. Recruiters are always looking for top talent, and consistent communication lets them know that you're willing to do what it takes to work for the company.