From products to a platform: The expansion and growth of HireVue in 2020

April 2nd, 2021
Ankit Somani
Artificial Intelligence,
Video Interviewing

Reflecting on a challenging year that meant varying hiring obstacles for everyone, I am thankful for you, our customers, who made safe, virtual recruiting happen, and prioritized fair hiring practices backed by science.

Together, hiring prevailed.

"Business just continued. There was really no pause where we were questioning what to do." — Kathy Flynn, Lumen Technologies

For those of you that did need to put hiring on pause, we are so glad to be your partners in preparing for the resurgence of hiring. Your time is coming!

We’ve listened to your voices, your most pressing hiring challenges, and this year achieved more than product innovations, we expanded our solution to an end-to-end hiring experience platform. Together, we can better tackle candidate and recruiter experience, efficiency, and equity within the HireVue platform.

2020 Growth Across The HireVue End-to-End Hiring Experience Platform

Adapting to the Experience-First Economy

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Today’s candidates expect to be treated as consumers. And with global digitization, the employer brands that can seamlessly move between real and virtual experiences are winning top talent faster.

We added conversational AI and automation to our hiring experience platform to better inform and engage your talent pool. With sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP), our hiring assistant provides dynamic, human-like conversations to support scheduling, reminders, FAQs, prescreening, and more use cases across the hiring journey through webchat, text or WhatsApp.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact the full platform can have on your time to hire, with an early adopter improving time to hire from 55 to 27 days.

Video Interviewing with Candidate and Recruiter Experience In Mind


Video interviewing exploded this year from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” With the rapid acceleration of video interviewing, we really dialed in on the candidate and recruiter experience, proudly achieving 100% uptime and scaling to over 20M interviews.

"If there were some candidates who felt uncomfortable doing video interviews before COVID-19, that’s just less true now because people are used to it. It’s normal now; we no longer have to "sell" people on it." — Brenna Garbelman, Lumen Technologies

We rolled out Live 3.0, which on top of an updated UI, allows for screen sharing, multi-session interviews, and supports up to 7 interviewers. To bring on-site or event materials online, we also enabled attachments and instructions to be added to live video interviews.

To make applying to multiple roles across your organization easy, interview reusability was enabled. We also improved candidate transparency by setting clear expectations before an OnDemand interview. They know what types of assessments they can expect, can properly budget their time, and there is no question whether or not an assessment model will be used in their evaluation.

OnDemand interviews also became mobile responsive; there are no app downloads needed to make interviewing seamless for your candidates and improve completion rates.

Improving and Expanding our Assessments Library

Consistently and more fairly assessing candidates has never been more important. This year, we surpassed 3 million assessments and support 41 languages in 26 countries.

We continued our commitment to ethical ai with independent audits of assessments and rigorously validate our assessments to mitigate bias and better predict job success.

We know a fairer, standardized hiring process is top of mind for you, so we added the functionality to rate candidates by competency instead of question within competency-based assessments. To ensure a standard measure, definitions were added so your hiring team’s stars are aligned.

We also expanded our assessment library with additions like Servicechat, where you can measure customer service and support skills with a chat-like interface.

Cheers to the Future of Building Better, Together

Looking forward, we can’t wait to continue innovating and bringing you the features and functionality you need to tackle today’s most pressing hiring challenges. Together, we can build faster, fairer, friendlier hiring processes.

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