Close in on winning sales talent

January 29th, 2024
The HireVue Team
Recruiting Teams

Sales roles are always difficult to fill, not only because of the competition but also because identifying candidates who can be the face of your organization and successfully capture customers and market share isn’t so straightforward. 

HireVue transforms enterprise hiring for sales roles with trusted science and proven technology. With HireVue, you have evidence that your hiring decisions result in on-the-job success. Recruiters can identify fit and hire faster than ever for single sales positions and at scale. Our intelligent hiring platform can meet the needs of every step of your hiring process.

Why sales recruiters partner with HireVue

Hiring and retaining top sales talent is mission critical. You need to identify high performers, give them a great candidate experience, and close quickly. HireVue sales workflows are your compliant, science-based roadmap to identifying top sales talent for your enterprise. 

HireVue offers a combined interview and assessment experience that measures the competencies we have identified as predictive of success. You’ll hire sales talent with more precision, increasing new-hire retention, and improving quality-of-hire. Our sales hiring workflows also track and measure key metrics to demonstrate and continuously improve sales hiring success in numerous roles for industry-specific, B2C, and B2B sales categories.


HireVue’s automated workflows drive speed and efficiency without yielding on quality of hire or candidate experience. Recruiting teams that need to hire at scale can reach deeper into their talent pool to quickly engage hundreds of candidates with less effort and time.

Candidate engagement 

Sales recruiters will never give up on the personal touch in hiring. With HireVue, you create branded, personal hiring experiences for every candidate, every role, with every workflow. Use HireVue’s advanced technology to handle the routine while you handle the relationships

Advanced selection science

HireVue’s science-based hiring platform offers the deepest and broadest talent intelligence available, developed for fair, ethical hiring. Our advanced hiring tools are the best in the business at predicting performance and job fit for external and internal candidates. Our solutions empower you to build your most diverse, engaged, and qualified workforce. 

All-in-one hiring solution 

Our platform is made for configurable, seamless, end-to-end workflows across all positions in all industries. HireVue job-specific assessments and interview content allow teams to engage, screen, assess, interview, evaluate, and hire your top talent faster. Measures the competencies we have identified as predictive of success in sales roles including:

  • Business-to-business 
  • Business-to-consumer 
  • Manager 
  • Call Center Sales 
  • Platform Sales 

Templated or configurable workflows. You choose.

Our hiring workflows for interviewing and assessments are highly configurable to meet your unique sales hiring needs—whether you’re hiring individual sellers or a sales team. Add or remove stages as needed, customize assessment content, add or edit questions and evaluation criteria, personalize job previews and candidate communication, and more. 

Case study: Comcast

Comcast’s Future of Work initiative looked positively prescient when the 2020 pandemic arrived. This hiring overhaul aimed to connect Comcast with its candidates in new ways, blending digital ease and human interaction for superior hiring experiences. 

There were other requirements, too: Unite diverse hiring across four autonomous divisions in a single solution and treat all Comcast customer-candidates fairly and with respect. 

HireVue’s intelligent hiring platform modernized workflows and enhanced hiring experiences, enabling Comcast to:

  • Identify and hire the best candidates. Top scorers on HireVue assessments sold 10% more in their first year than those scoring in the bottom 40%. 
  • Screen more efficiently with on-demand interviews, saving 22,000 hours of recruiter time per year. 
  • Reduce recruiter time spent scheduling interviews by 70%.

HireVue also enhanced Comcast’s live video interviewing just in time for the company to engage candidates with live video interviews in Q2 2020. Now, 98% of candidates say they are better equipped to determine if the Comcast role is right for them, and 99% would refer others for Comcast’s open positions.

  • Recruiters saved 22K hours in candidate review time
  • Reduced recruiters’ time spent scheduling by 70%
  • Saved $500,000 in recruiting costs
  • 98% of candidates said they could better determine if the role is right for them

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