Why HireVue Horizon Should Be On Your Recruiting Conference Shortlist in 2019

February 13th, 2019
Juliana Groscost
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You come to a conference to learn and leave knowing more than when you arrived.

You come to feel inspired, become informed, and to create authentic connections with people in your industry who are making a difference. HireVue Horizon is meticulously planned and organized to be the culmination of everything a talent acquisition conference should be. Why? Because it’s built around you, the attendee.

Devoted to offering you an exquisite experience, we invite you to consider these five reasons to attend this year's HireVue Horizon on Sept. 23-25, in San Diego, California.

Horizon Recruiting conference

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1. Big Topics That Really Matter

From the ethics of AI in business, to the talent shortage caused by record low unemployment rates, Horizon provides you with the opportunity to discuss challenges, unearth opportunities, and design solutions with peers, industry analysts, and global experts. From the inspiring keynote presentations to the informative breakout sessions, you will have an opportunity to learn from, and network with, some of the brightest talent acquisition minds in the world.

We have designed content that is the ideal combination of strategic inspiration and data-driven insight that is focused on hiring and mobilizing talent. Some highlights from last year include:

  • How Caleres aligned their hiring practices with their global initiatives to see results such as a 75% decrease in outside recruiter spend
  • How JPMorgan Chase returned 89,000 hours back to their recruiters by optimizing their recruiting practices

(You can watch their sessions, and more, here.)

With over 20 sessions and keynotes to choose from this year, attendees at Horizon 2019 will have a hard time choosing which exciting and educational session to attend -- but don’t worry, as conference attendees have access to recorded sessions that they couldn’t attend.

speaking aligned hiring practicesMike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, Author of "Futuretainment", at Horizon 2018

2. Learn How Other HR Leaders Have Solved Challenging Talent Acquisition Problems

HireVue Horizon is an amazing opportunity to take the blinders off and see how other organizations are creatively solving the biggest of talent acquisition challenges. Our sessions will allow you to rediscover your passion through education and learning. Among other things, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about real-world process efficiencies from peers
  • Uncover practical tools for expanding your talent acquisition reach
  • Learn how to create cross-departmental buy-in and enthusiasm for talent acquisition strategies
  • Hear how others have created empowered recruiting teams and learn what you can do to empower your own
  • Walk away with insightful and proven methods that you can put into action within your organization immediately to increase ROI

“It is definitely worth coming to because if anyone else is in a situation like ours, you get very focused on your own company and your industry and your own competitors. Getting outside of that and getting to hear what others say and what else is going on outside of your core industry is really helpful as you are making decisions and exploring new options for the talent acquisition space.” - Sean Treccia, Director Campus Recruiting, KPMG

real-world hiring processMolly Weaver, Director Talent Acquisition, Children’s Mercy Hospital

3. Discover Real Solutions You can Implement Now

HireVue Horizon is an executive-level conference aimed at bringing thought leaders together to learn from each other, network, talk strategy, and discover what the future can hold. Hear how other talented leaders have taken their talent acquisition teams to the next level, how they get buy-in for new initiatives from their fellow executives, and how they continue to drive change and innovation in their space.

The primary purpose of the conference is to provide you with moments of clarity, to uncover solutions for problems you may not have realized you had, and to learn from and network with the brightest minds in the industry.

At Horizon 2018, Jennifer Carpenter, the VP of Global Talent Acquisition for Delta Air Lines, explained why they allow their candidates to retake their video interview questions as many times as they would like. The result was a measurable positive impact on their candidate experience. As simple as it is, this was a huge “light-bulb” moment for many audience members -- simple, impactful, and easily implemented.

speaking about video interviewsJennifer Carpenter, VP - Global Talent Acquisition, Delta Air Lines 

4. Walk Away Fired-Up and Ready to Catapult Your Career

Have you ever been asked to debrief your team on a conference you attended just to realize that you have very few notes and even less memory of what you learned? That’s because many conferences provide little, if any, proven ideas and tools that will enable you to truly effect change once you get back to the office. Nor do they provide insights that get you thinking in a new, creative, and different way. And they definitely don’t provide visibility into proven frameworks that can help you evolve your strategy overnight. But HireVue Horizon does. We know you are the heart and soul of the talent acquisition future, and we want you to go on this journey with us.

Change is inevitable and is happening fast! Together we can mold a better tomorrow for candidates, for recruiters, for talent acquisition leaders, and for you. According to one inspired survey respondent:

“The keynotes were all great and very valuable! I have SO many notes to go through! I loved Capt. Scott Kelly. Not only was his story amazing and captivating, but it was also the best pump-you-up, inspiring, make-you-want-to-set-your-industry-on-fire kind of keynote that was a perfect closer!”

better tomorrow for candidates, for recruiters, for talent acquisition leadersRecord-Setting Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly at HireVue Horizon 2018

5. Not Your Typical HR Conference

Are you going to learn a lot? Yes. Does it have keynote speeches and breakout sessions? Yes. But, Horizon is so much more. It is purposely kept small to so you can easily network with your peers, including many award-winning HR executives who have truly transformed their hiring processes. The intimate nature of Horizon nearly guarantees that you will make new connections and build lasting relationships all while having the time of your life! From networking events, to epic dinner parties, and after-dinner entertainment, you’ll leave HireVue Horizon 2019 with new friends and lasting memories. All included with the low price of admission.

Ready to see how the world's top TA teams are reimagining recruiting in 2019?

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