5 Must-Watch Sessions From HireVue Horizon

November 29th, 2018
Jon-Mark Sabel

Last month we hosted our biggest customer conference of the year, HireVue Horizon. More than 25 industry-leading organizations presented on all things recruiting: from candidate experience, to AI, to diversity and inclusion.

If you couldn’t attend, or missed a session you really wanted to see, the sessions are now available to watch on demand. 

Watch HireVue Horizon Sessions On Demand

While there’s a ton to learn in each of the 19 sessions that are available on demand; these are five that you should definitely take the time to watch.

Design for the Disappointed

Jennifer Carpenter, VP of Global Talent Acquisition @ Delta Air Lines 2018-10 Jennifer Carpenter Kevin Parker 2

We often forget that behind every resume is a person with a story to tell. Hunting for a job can be a frustrating experience for candidates. Unfortunately, you can’t hire every candidate, and many of these candidates are your customers.

Having won a CandE Award for five years straight, Delta Air Lines is a candidate experience powerhouse. In this candid fireside chat with HireVue’s CEO Kevin Parker, Delta’s VP of Global Talent Acquisition Jennifer Carpenter shared how they consistently innovate and deliver a great candidate experience year after year.

Some highlights include:

  • Delta’s five key principles that guide their candidate experience strategy.
  • Why an informed candidate is the best candidate.
  • Why you can’t just be transparent - you need to be transparent quickly.

Unconventional Hiring Strategies that Increase Workplace Diversity

Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition @ Children’s Mercy Hospital; Donna Wright, Senior Manager of Military & Diversity Sourcing @ T-Mobile; Obed Louissant, VP of People & Culture @ IBM Watson 2018-10 D Wrighty M-Weaver O-Louissant

You’re probably familiar with the conventional approaches to recruiting a diverse range of candidates. Resume blinding, job description tweaking, and sourcing from minority advocacy groups are well known, and often work.

Then again, they often don’t. Convention can only get you so far when building a more diverse workforce. In this panel, Molly Weaver, Donna Wright, and Obed Louissant explore diversity recruiting beyond what you’ve heard before.

Some highlights include:

  • Using proactive, organization-wide measures, rather than HR-delegated rules.
  • Working with local high schools to help at-risk students attend college.
  • Using diversity as the starting point, not the goal (it’s really about inclusion).

High Volume Global Hiring: How IKEA Transformed Recruiting in 30 Markets Using Video Interviewing

Göran Berg, Recruitment Development @ IKEA; Sushma Schwerdt, Recruitment Development @ IKEA 2018-10 Goran Berg

Any enterprise-wide rollout of a new technology is daunting. The process takes years, and roadblocks are frequent. That’s why IKEA’s global rollout - transforming how they recruit in 30 markets in just 12 months - is so incredible.

In this session, they share the strategies they used to manage the change, and how they anticipated possible challenges like language discrepancies, legal requirements, and cultural nuances. It’s a must-watch for any TA leader responsible for leading an enterprise-wide rollout of a new recruiting technology.

Some highlights include:

  • The six main objections IKEA faced when rolling out video interviewing (and how they won over the skeptics).
  • How IKEA overcame satisfaction with the status quo with internal champions and video interviewing best practices.
  • The unique way IKEA proved the new candidate experience attracted the best candidates for their organization.

Behind the Curtain: What Drives Our Decisions?

Zoe Chance, Professor at the Yale School of Management 2018-10 Zoey Chance

In this stunning keynote, Yale School of Management Professor Zoe Chance shared some incredible insight into how we make our decisions. In many cases, our decisions are automatic, unconscious, and intuitive. While this is great when making choices in a pinch - like swerving to avoid a car crash - frequently this process takes over when we should be making more thoughtful, deliberate decisions.

Human decisions play the deciding role in who gets hired. While her keynote was not specifically geared toward hiring, it was a hit among conference attendees.

Some highlights include:

  • Four instructive stories from her research, shedding light on the “black box” that frequently governs our choices.
  • Her exploration of several biases that play a role in how we make decisions.
  • How to create situations that control for natural human bias.

This one was only available until February 28th, 2019 so check it out soon!

The Empowered Recruiter: The Changing Role of the Recruiter

Denise Nichols, HR Thought Leader; Terrence Reed, Vice President Talent Selection @ Georgia-Pacific LLC; Richard Waite, Resourcing Lead @ Grant Thornton UK 2018-10 D-Nichols A-Robbins R-Waite

It’s no secret that the role of the recruiter is changing; the question is how. This panel brought together recruiting leaders from three diverse industries to explore the future of the recruiter, and how recruiters can take on a more strategic role when they are empowered with great tech and redesigned process.

Some highlights include:

  • Ways recruiters can be empowered with technology and process.
  • What “empowered” recruiters bring to the table, and how they fundamentally change how companies recruit.
  • How “empowered” recruiters are making an impact today.
See these sessions, and more, on demand:

Watch HireVue Horizon Sessions On Demand