Asssessments Help Reduce Recruiting Costs by Thousands A Year

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Karla Muniz- My name is Karla Muniz, I work for a very progressive organization that embraces innovation. I'm blessed to have an amazing team. They are very, very talented. Our motto is, "We work hard, we play hard." It's a team of 70 talent acquisition professionals. Because we are in healthcare, the pressure is on for identifying the best talent as quick as possible. We have activated a pilot with artificial intelligence that's specifically for our graduate nurses, and that's because for that particular pool of applicants, the onboarding cost for this particular hire is thousands of dollars every year. So, because of our significant investment, we said we could really mirror a strong selection process with now artificial intelligence, to allow us to make a better selection for future success in that particular role. It's a kinda no-brainer, Let's definitely makes that investment. I think that as leaders, we've all been reading about AI and bias is certainly something that is usually addressed. I think for us was, let's go ahead and partner with HireVue to create a strong algorithm, knowing that it will get stronger with data. That we will be disciplined in our approach of having to calibrate the algorithms to make sure that we're making the right selection, talent selection, and adjust as needed. I think that we are confident that this type of technology is here to stay. It's much more than just a buzzword, and there has been successes by utilizing the technology. So just make sure that we are very disciplined in our approach to make sure that that's not a concern. Early on when we implemented HireVue, we were very intentional to making sure that the recruiters saw what was in it for them, in terms of HireVue's ability to increase their productivity. So being able to, once we implement the technology, provide hardcore stats, in terms of how they were able to save time in screening candidates by utilizing that technology. For them, it was a no-brainer to go, "Okay, this is gonna make me work smarter, and not harder."

HireVue Assessments help AdventHealth find better quality candidates whose long-term performance drives organizational success. Partnering with HireVue to calibrate its algorithmic process to the highest standards ensures integrity in the data and lets the recruiting team work smarter, not harder.