On-Demand Webinar: Jason Averbook - Rebuilding hiring & what changes are here to stay?

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Fireside chat with Jason Averbook

With nearly every hiring team having hit the reset button in some capacity last year, hiring processes have flipped. We’ve rapidly adopted new tools and solutions to meet the moment, but now that we have, will we ever go back to hiring as it was before?

In this webinar, HireVue CHRO Andy Valenzuela and Jason Averbook, Co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, discuss shifts in the hiring process that have taken place over the past year and what changes they think should stay for good as we start to rebuild.

This on-demand webinar discusses:

  • The latest workplace and hiring trends
  • The role of technology in building connections
  • Shifts in how we qualify candidates


Jason Averbook, Co-founder and CEO of Leapgen
Jason Averbook is a leading analyst, thought leader and consultant in the area of human resources, the future of work and the impact technology has on that future. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, a global consultancy helping organizations shape their future workplace by adopting forward-looking workforce best practices and fast-innovating technologies personalized for their business

Andy Valenzuela, CHRO at HireVue
Andy Valenzuela is the Chief Human Resources Officer at HireVue. He oversees the strategy and execution of all HR functions, including culture initiatives, benefits programs, and diversity and inclusion. Andy is also responsible for the oversight of all operations that involved the development and support of information systems and employee experience.