Beyond Calendars and Callbacks: Innovative Virtual Hiring

May 1st, 2020
Chelsea Kilpack
Video Interviewing
virtual hiring on a computer

Virtual Hiring Use Cases with Automated Scheduling

Reducing time-to-hire has always been a critical goal for hiring teams. It has become even more important during the coronavirus pandemic (especially virtual hiring). Companies in ecommerce, healthcare, and the food supply chain are scaling up operations with frontline workers.

With the need to hire quickly and efficiently, what can hiring managers and recruiters do? One of the simplest and surest ways to reduce time to hire and save hundreds of hours for your recruiters is automated scheduling with Coordinate.

Enterprise-Grade Features for Seamless Implementation & Proven Time Savings

The standard deployment of Coordinate will save your talent acquisition teams time, while empowering them to do more with less. Product features include:

  • Automated Scheduling:  Seamlessly invite a candidate to the next step of the hiring process — whether that’s pre-employment testing, a phone interview, on-site, live video, panel, OnDemand video interview, or even new hire orientation.
  •  ATS Integration: The HireVue platform works with multiple ATSes to let you add candidates from your ATS to HireVue. Your team then uses Coordinate to schedule candidate interviews. You can initiate the hiring cycle by inviting multiple candidates to each type of interview (phone, OnDemand, or Live).
  • Calendar Integration: Coordinate is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Calendar. It works with any calendar that supports the .ics universal calendar format, typically found in calendar apps, such as iCloud calendar. Integration allows candidates and recruiters to schedule interviews and see hiring manager availability in real-time.
  • Branded Experience: Coordinate does more than just automate scheduling - it also lets you add details, such as candidate instructions, custom videos, and security information, from an existing position to a new position. Once you determine what candidates need, you can simply copy items to a new opening without repeating yourself or reattaching information to emails.
  • App-less Candidate Self-Scheduling: Candidates get a branded invitation and can easily self-schedule (and if needed, reschedule) interviews. There is no need for an app or online account. In addition to email reminders, HireVue now supports SMS and WhatsApp invites and reminders. All of these benefits dramatically reduce no shows.

But as the world adjusts to the “new normal” of the coronavirus, we’re helping customers implement innovative uses of the Coordinate tool beyond just traditional scheduling (though they’re all still using it for that too).

Grocery Chain Hiring: Scaling Up During A Pandemic

According to HireVue’s available customer data, virtual interviewing within the grocery industry is up 450%  since COVID-19. Virtual interviewing allows employers  to address safety and security issues while rapidly interviewing to fill critical logistics, distribution center, stocking, and in-store personnel roles.

In a previous post about automated scheduling, H-E-B’s Mary Valdez highlighted how traditional use of the tool means that her recruiters, “No longer have to play phone tag or send emails back and forth. They just send one email. We actually have a template in Taleo with the Coordinate link that they send out for the candidates to self-schedule. It saves so much time.”

In the new normal, talent teams are faced with doing more with less. Automated scheduling is an easy way to save valuable time and still hit critical hiring metrics.

HealthCare Hiring: Location-Based Redeployment

Our customer data also shows that healthcare virtual interviewing during coronavirus is up 345% as the demand for skilled staff continues to grow.

Faced with urgent need, a not-for-profit healthcare system customer had to redeploy approximately 500 employees in their workforce to new positions. Working quickly, they transferred 130 of them using a tedious phone-based process. But after working with their HireVue Customer Success Manager and the Coordinate Product Team, they will now use Coordinate to more efficiently redeploy their remaining staff.

Here’s how it works. Employees will receive an invitation for a “redeployment assignment” via Coordinate. This invite will indicate their start and end dates at the new location, along with the necessary details for transition. The employee then “signs up” for the assignment, much like they would schedule an interview. Instead, they'll show up for a new work shift based on the information contained in the email. And, to save even more time, these redeployments are managed at the event level. This allows teams to batch send the necessary information and reduce, or eliminate, all contact with human resources and talent acquisition. Overburdened teams will be able to focus their efforts on more strategic projects.

Regardless of what your recruiting needs, you need support to continue safely hiring during these trying times. Some may need to reduce costly phone-tag games for your recruiters. Other companies might want a total revisioning of their existing processes. Either way, HireVue’s customer success, product, and 24/7 support teams are here to help you.

In fact, if you need to adapt to virtual hiring, read our blog about how your business can quickly shift to video interviewing.