HireVue's 10 Best Recruiting Articles from 2018

January 24th, 2019
Jon-Mark Sabel
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2018 was a big year for us at HireVue, and for recruiting generally. The tightest job market in decades required recruiting teams to get creative with how they attracted talent. The AI space exploded with new entrants; today it’s less a question of if AI will make an impact, but how.

Here’s how we (and contributors from the likes of Caleres, BP, Cerner, and Rackspace) tackled the biggest recruiting topics of 2018.

1) How Caleres Built a Great Employment Brand from Scratch

Caleres - the company behind brands like Famous Footwear, Allen Edmonds, and Sam Edelman - is known as a marketing powerhouse. In this article, they share some of their best employment branding tips. You’ll learn how to partner with your marketing department to create great recruitment marketing, as well as how to turn your career site into a data collection machine so you can constantly improve. Read more >>>

2) How to Hire on Campus: The Definitive Guide to College Recruiting

Campus recruiting is critical for the long-term health of nearly every organization. It’s also incredibly competitive, particularly at the career fair where you compete for attention with other top brands. In this guide, we share how HireVue customers beat their competition to top graduates and use the career fair to make job offers, rather than hold first-round interviews. Read More >>>

3) From Order Takers to Phenomenal Hire Makers - Rackspace’s 4 Steps for Success

For the past couple years there’s been a shift in the way we talk about recruiters. In this article, Rackspace shared four of the ways they’ve empowered their recruiters to tackle really high quality problems that have a big organizational impact. Their winning approach to technology, process, and recruiting culture is something every recruiting leader can learn from. Read More >>>

4) SEO for Job Posting: 6 Steps to Rank in ‘Google for Jobs’ Results

In 2018, Google rocked the job aggregator market with their “Google for Jobs” product. With job listings now displayed directly within the Google Search interface, recruiting teams were left with little guidance around how to get their jobs to actually show up. For this article, our in-house SEO dug deep into the technical (and not-so-technical aspects) of ranking on Google for Jobs - and ran experiments with our own HireVue recruiting team - to create one of the first comprehensive guides for Google’s entry into job aggregation. Read More >>>

5) The Future of Recruiting is Here: 3 Areas to Keep an Eye On

The rapidly expanding market of recruiting technology solutions created a lot of noise in 2018. In this article by Cerner’s Director of Recruiting Troy Teague, he provides crucial guidance for TA leaders overwhelmed by the number of new solutions on the market. This insightful post was later picked up by HR Insights Magazine, where it earned top billing for their first issue of 2019. Check it out! Read More >>>

6) 5 Steps to Conducting a Competitive Employer Brand Audit

The job market tightened even further in 2018. Recruiting teams put renewed focus into their employment brand to attract talent in this highly competitive environment. But an employment brand doesn’t need to compete with the likes of “top brands” - it just needs to win against the companies you’re in competition for talent with. In this article, we explored how to conduct a competitive employer brand audit, so recruiting teams can benchmark where they stand in relation to their direct talent competitors. Read More >>>

7) HireVue Assessments and Preventing Algorithmic Bias

While AI gained great traction in 2018, it also raised questions of “algorithmic bias.” In this article, HireVue’s CTO Loren Larsen debunked some common myths around AI in hiring, as well as how HireVue works to combat algorithmic bias and level the playing field for candidates. Read More >>>

8) Recruiting in a Crisis: 6 Lessons from BP’s Campus Recruiting Transformation During Hurricane Harvey

No one expects a natural disaster to disrupt their recruiting strategy, but that’s exactly what happened to BP when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, Texas. In this article, BP explained the steps they took to save their campus recruiting season, and provided an essential crisis contingency plan for organizations who find themselves in a similar situation in the future. Read More >>>

9) How to Perform a Talent Market Analysis with Publicly Available Data

When we think of workforce planning, we tend to think of our organization as existing in a vacuum. We think about things in terms of “internal talent demand”, for example, if headcount will increase, the impact of turnover, etc. In this guide, we show you how to look at and evaluate the external talent supply - how the market of potential job seekers matches up to your needs. This analysis provides critical insight into where you should spend your recruiting efforts, and can potentially uncover untapped pools of talent. Read More >>>

10) What is a Realistic Job Preview? (And How to Make Them Work for You)

Realistic job previews are one of the best ways to sell a role to potential applicants, while also weeding out those who have misplaced expectations. In this article, we explore the four main types of realistic job previews - the Employee Testimonial Video, the Interactive Simulation, the Hiring Manager Testimonial, and the Interview - and explain how to make each type work in your organization. Read More >>>

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