How to automate & improve your interview scheduling

March 22nd, 2021

Interview scheduling is one of those hiring tasks that need to happen but is a time-sink for organizations. Recruiters spend about 16 hours each week on interview scheduling. New research indicates that 46% of companies have reduced their talent team’s size in recent months, putting pressure on recruiting teams to do the same (or more!) with even less. Here’s how you can improve interview scheduling speed and efficiency and delight candidates by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into your hiring process.

Technology tools for modern interview scheduling

There are many kinds of interview scheduling technology tools to choose from on the market. One of your first steps in a purchase decision will be deciding whether to go with a point solution or a virtual hiring platform with integrated interview scheduling. A point solution may sound like a shorter path to modern interview scheduling, but keep in mind that a platform like HireVue, which integrates interview scheduling from end-to-end in your hiring process, will provide a seamless experience for your candidates. There’s no need for them to log into a different platform or enter or re-enter information to get an interview set up. That level of simplicity and convenience creates a positive impression with today’s candidates and shortens hiring times.

Here’s what to look for as you explore interview scheduling solutions:

Automation. Automated scheduling can remove bottlenecks in scheduling phone, video, and in-person interviews. With the HireVue platform, recruiters can select from powerful scheduling options: text, email, candidate self-scheduling, or an AI-powered recruiting assistant that contacts candidates. These technology tools significantly reduce the time recruiters spend scheduling interviews. Delays in your hiring process are eliminated, and you can direct more energy to one-on-ones with your A-list candidates. HireVue’s automated scheduling also helps prevent errors with duplicate or overlapping interview times.

The HireVue platform can also auto-advance candidates with an invite to schedule triggered by an interview completion or receipt of hiring manager feedback. With the self-schedule option, candidates are forwarded to a self-scheduling page where they choose from a list of dates and times that work with their schedule. You set the process in motion and then let HireVue handle interview scheduling while focusing on more strategic work. The platform also manages interview cancellations and rescheduling with ease.

Flexibility to handle all interview scheduling needs. It’s rare for recruiting teams to have a one-size-fits-all hiring workflow, especially when hiring in large enterprise organizations. The more workflows you have, the more critical it is to look for an interview scheduling solution with the flexibility to handle your entire range of hiring requirements, from simple one-on-one interviews to complex hiring events with multiple interviewers, roles, interview stages, and locations. The HireVue platform is highly configurable, so you can maximize interview scheduling efficiency as you tailor your workflow to the position. HireVue integrates with all major ATS, calendaring, and CMS systems to simplify data entry and reduce the potential for error with candidate information.

Candidate-centric interview scheduling experiences. Inefficient interview scheduling is a painpoint for job seekers too! Your candidates expect simple, intuitive interview scheduling experiences that put the power in their hands and get the job done quickly. As you explore solutions, evaluate them from a candidate-centric perspective. HireVue meets and exceeds modern candidates’ expectations and helps with friendly reminders of upcoming interviews and simple rescheduling.

Interview scheduling impacts your recruiting metrics. Ready to take a more strategic approach to interview scheduling? A virtual hiring platform that integrates AI and automation with interview scheduling can help you improve important recruiting metrics:

  • Increased recruiter productivity: With automated interview scheduling, recruiting teams gain the tools to perform at a higher level and take the pain out of setting up interviews.
  • Faster time-to-hire: Automated scheduling and candidate auto-advance eliminate scheduling bottlenecks and other hiring delays so that you can cut days from your hiring process and secure top talent sooner with your job offer.
  • Improved candidate experience: Automated scheduling is highly convenient for candidates and ensures communication is happening without errors or delays.
  • Improved hiring manager satisfaction: Automated scheduling makes it fast and convenient for hiring managers to work interviews into their busy days.

Want to learn more about the advantages of interview scheduling that’s integrated into a science-based virtual hiring platform? Get in touch with HireVue to request your demo today.