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Cleshon Bess(soft music) - Cleshon Bess with CellularSales. I'm a corporate recruiter. The recruiter world, the recruiter job function, is changing. Less time worrying about stacks of paper and resumes, more time building relationships and dealing with candidates. Not only external candidates, which are hiring managers as well, that you're filling roles for. Instead of being tied down with processing, administrative duties, I have more in-person contact with my recruiters and customers I'm looking to appease for them. But as a recruiter, you know, we must deliver. This system helps us process candidates faster and deliver better-quality candidates when it's time to report. Our hiring managers absolutely love the function. They love being able to hop in, use the technology to view their candidates at their time as well. It's been an amazing experience for us. So, this year, so far, we've had 344 video interviews issued. We've had 300 completed, so we're sitting at an 87% completion rate, and, mind you, we're recruiting quality candidates that are tech savvy and ideal fits for the job, and that's an amazing stat to be able to provide to a hiring manager who's looking for our eye. Right? "What have you done for me lately?" "Well, check out the results." And HireVue has helped us present that. We've primarily focused on On-Demand for the better part of ten months, but things like co-view, the assessments coming. You talk about being able to deliver as a recruiter. There's no better way to find and hire great talent than using the HireVue process.
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The Evolving Role of the Recruiter

HireVue helps Cellular Sales process candidates faster and deliver better quality candidates. And it is not just recruiters who are seeing improved efficiencies, hiring managers are also reaping the rewards.

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